Import Aliases in Vite

Perhaps, you’re moving from Vue CLI to Vite as your build tool of choice and in the process you realize that the @ alias no longer works 😱. This was exactly my experience, as well as my reaction. How in the world was I going to avoid such nasty looking imports as this ../../../someComponent.vue?

What is a Vue.js Composable?

Vue 3 introduced the Composition API, which has since taken the community by storm. In my opinion, the single best feature of the Composition API is the ability to extract reactive state and functionality into their own reusable modules or "composables".

ESLint and Prettier with Vite and Vue.js 3

In the previous article of the "How to Structure a Large Scale Vue Application" series, we took a look at some standards that you can employ in your Vue.js application to keep your codebase predictable, easy to navigate, and understandable. Another step you can take to improve the developer experience when building a large scale […]

Home Rolled Store with Vue.observable (Vue 2)

Now that we’ve seen some library options for implementing a Vue.js store (Vuex and Pinia), I want to spend a little time talking about some home rolled solutions. While home rolled solutions can be more fragile (if done hastily), less tested, and less standardized, they also provide an opportunity for useful customizations and the opportunity […]