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Your Bridge to the Vue.js Community

Are talent shortages holding you back?

Amplify your team's capacity and build your talent pipeline with Vue.js developers ready to grow with you and your needs.

The Vue School Edge

The Vue School Talent Hub is a recruitment platform that helps companies hire Vue.js developers. Born from an education platform designed to help developers expand their knowledge, Vue School now proudly stands with a robust user base of over 150,000 developers who entrust us with their professional growth.

No recruitment platform or agency is more intertwined with the Vue.js community, and as such we’re perfectly positioned to tap into a continuously growing and unmatched pool of talent.

Our Customers

“A breath of fresh air in developer recruitment, efficiently matching our needs with high-quality Vue.js developers”.
Everett Owyoung

Everett Owyoung

Head of Talent, ThousandEyes (a Cisco company)

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Our 5 step process to building your talent pipeline

Vue School's Talent Hub connects you with one of the largest networks of Vue.js Developers in the world. We connect you with handpicked developers who have the skills and experience you need to build and ship better products faster, and more efficiently.

With our 90-day placement guarantee, you can be confident that you're making the right investment. We're not just connecting you with talent, we're crafting your journey to tech success

step 1
Tailored Consultation

We engage with you to understand your unique requirements and align our search with your specific needs.

step 2
Extensive Talent Network

Our talent acquisition team screens evaluates, and identifies the most suitable candidates from our diverse pool of talented Vue.js developers.

step 3
Seamless Interview Coordination

We take care of the admin involved in scheduling interviews so you can focus on evaluating the candidates and finding the right fit.

step 4
Guaranteed Quality Placements

We handle the job offer and negotiations and provide you with peace of mind that you are securing top-tier talent.

step 5
Unmatched Support

Our dedicated account managers provide valuable industry insights and are here to help you make informed decisions and achieve hiring success.

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Ready to Transform Your Tech Team?

Reach out to discover how Vue School's Talent Hub can revolutionize your hiring process and connect you with skilled Vue.js professionals.

Let's Go

Want to certify your existing team of Vue.js developers?

Built in collaboration with industry experts, the official Vue.js Certification program is designed to test and validate your team’s competency to use the framework to its fullest extent and deliver the best possible results.

Let us help you get your team certified.

picture of Evan You
Evan You

Creater of Vue.js

Learn more

Want to upskill your existing team of Vue.js developers?

As the number one source of Vue.js knowledge in the world, we share the expertise of our industry leaders through more than 1000+ lessons and 52 video courses. To date, more than 200,000 students have already grown their skills with us, and we look forward to helping you improve your team’s talent too.

Let us help you turn your team into Vue.js pros.

upskill-image Learn more


How long does the process typically take?

Do you provide a shortlist of candidates?

What happens after we’ve got our shortlist of candidates?

How do you assess your developers' skills?

Can I opt for developers who haven't undergone testing?

How do I choose the assessment method for developer candidates?

How much does it cost to access Vue School Talent Hub services?

What does the 90-day placement guarantee entail?

Our goal is to be the number one source of Vue.js knowledge for all skill levels. We offer the knowledge of our industry leaders through awesome video courses for a ridiculously low price.

More than 120.000 users have already joined us. You are welcome too!

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