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What you will learn

In our Vue.js courses, our goal is to teach you all there is to know about Vue.js and other technologies that give a great synergy effect.
We will cover Node.js, Firebase, Electron and other known and unknown topics.

Premium Courses

The Vue.js Master Class VueJS course

The Vue.js Master Class

In our Master Class you'll learn Vue.js by building a real-world application. Together we’ll create a complete forum from scratch using exciting technologies that synergize with Vue.


Vuex for Everyone VueJS course

Vuex for Everyone Free

This Vue.js course is based on the official Vuex example. We'll create a shopping cart with Vue and progressively discover and learn about Vuex features by replacing pieces of the application with mutations, getters, and actions.

Vue.js + Firebase Realtime Database VueJS course

Vue.js + Firebase Realtime Database Free

This Vue.js course will teach you how to use Firebase Realtime Database in your vue.js applications. The example app is a realtime chat room, and our goal is to make sure all online users get updates in realtime whenever a message is added, edited or deleted.

Vue.js + Firebase Authentication VueJS course

Vue.js + Firebase Authentication Free

This Vue.js course will teach you how to use Firebase Authentication in your vue.js applications and allow your users to authenticate with their favorite third-party provider (Twitter, Github, Google, etc.) or plain ol' email and password - without writing any server-side code!

Vue.js Fundamentals VueJS course

Vue.js Fundamentals Free

This Vue.js course will teach you and get you up and running with the fundamental concepts of Vue.js. Perfect if you haven't touched Vue before or you just getting started!

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Learn modern and cutting-edge front-end technologies from the industry experts. Vue School offers both free and premium courses for all skill levels.

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Scripted and Accessible lessons

All our lessons are scripted and thoroughly reviewed, which means that our videos are on point and paced just right!

We offer English subtitles on all lessons, and you can download them to your favorite device and watch them anywhere, anytime.

Meet the teacher

Alex Kyriakidis

Alex is a core member of the Vue.js team and the author of the best-selling book, The Majesty of Vue.js.

He has worked with several teams delivering high-quality, cross-platform applications and APIs. He's addicted to Laravel and Vue.

Who is behind the lessons

Rolf Haug

Rolf has 14 years of experience with web development & business.

He has been in charge of multiple successful projects in the private sector. He is addicted to knowledge, cooking and artisan food.

Chris Fritz

Chris is a core member of the Vue.js team and works as educator.

We’re proud to have Chris as our lead technical advisor. He's been of great assistance to ensure high quality Vue.js lessons to all skill levels.