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The Vue.js Master Class

Our first course is a Master Class where we will teach you all there is to know about Vue.js by building a real world application. We'll create a complete forum from scratch using exciting technologies that synergize with Vue.

Dos, Don'ts and Best Practices

Through our video lessons you'll learn to structure your application. When to use X and why you shouldn't do Y.

We’ll discuss best practices and alternative ways to achieve the same result so when you’re building your own Vue application you’ll be comfortable deciding the architecture.

Modern & Search Engine Friendly SPA

The forum is serverless and full of modern features. For instance, the website updates in real time as the users discuss or the database changes.

You’ll even learn how to make your Single Page Applications (SPA) Search Engine Friendly (SEO).

Increased Popularity & Job Marked

Vue.js is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, based on GitHub stars. That means the job market is getting bigger and bigger.

Why should I learn Vue.js?

  • It's Powerful & Fast
  • Easy to Learn & Use
  • Awesome Guide
  • Great Community

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Meet the team

Alex Kyriakidis Maestro

Alex is the author of the best-selling book, The Majesty of Vue.js. He has worked with several teams delivering high-quality, cross-platform applications and APIs. He is addicted to Laravel and Vue.

Rolf Haug

Rolf Haug Quality Controller

Rolf has almost 14 years of experience in web development. He has been responsible for multiple successful projects in the private sector. He is addicted to knowledge and artisan food.