The Vue School Story

Established in 2016, Vue School offers the most comprehensive Vue.js video library in the world with over 700 lessons available.

Vue School was founded in 2016 by our CEO Alex “hootlex” Kyriakidis. Alex is the author of the best-selling book, The Majesty of Vue.js, which was the first book to be released about Vue.js.

Following the release of the book, Vue.js continued to grow, as did the demand for a premium video course platform, and so the original Vue.js Masterclass was conceived. The course was a huge success and with the framework and ecosystem continuing to grow, Vue School was created to fill this growing demand.

What We Do

At Vue School we focus on quality of education, working with expert teachers and industry leaders to ensure we deliver the best Vue.js video courses that are up to date with the evolving framework and ecosystem. A wide range of topics are covered including Vue 2, Vue 3, GraphQL, Storybook, Vue Router, Vue-Apollo, Composition API, ES6, Jest, Vuex, and much more.

Our comprehensive catalogue of courses continues to grow with a new premium video lesson released every week. Free Vue.js lessons are added regularly for those who would love to get started with Vue.js and the ecosystem. Live in-house and virtual vue.js workshops are also offered for organizations.

Vue School has also launched the Developer Hire Program, bringing together a large pool of experienced developers at the school with the growing recruitment demand for Vue.js developers from organizations.

The Vue.js community is always at the heart of what we do, with all students having access to a dedicated Slack channel where expert advice is always on hand. We also hold regular conferences and talks, including the largest conferences in the Vue.js community, Nuxt Nation and Vue.js Nation, where we bring together industry experts to impart their knowledge to an eager community.

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Our goal is to be the number one source of Vue.js knowledge for all skill levels. We offer the knowledge of our industry leaders through awesome video courses for a ridiculously low price.

More than 120.000 users have already joined us. You are welcome too!

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