Home Rolled Store with Vue.observable (Vue 2)

Now that we’ve seen some library options for implementing a Vue.js store (Vuex and Pinia), I want to spend a little time talking about some home rolled solutions. While home rolled solutions can be more fragile (if done hastily), less tested, and less standardized, they also provide an opportunity for useful customizations and the opportunity […]

How to Use Vue Router: A Complete Tutorial

One of the most powerful features of modern single-page web applications (SPA) is routing. Modern single-page apps such as a Vue application can transition from page to page on the client-side (without requesting the server). Vue Router is the official library for page navigation in Vue applications. Vue Router is simple to use, yet powerful. […]

What is a Store in Vue.js?

Perhaps you’ve heard of Vuex and you’re wondering what it is. What does it do? Why does it exist? How do I use it? If these questions are on your mind you’ve come to the right place! In this series of articles, we’ll take a look at Vuex, the official Vue.js store solution, as well […]

Abstracting your dependencies

In the previous parts of the series we discussed the concept of a domain and how it could correlate to building independent and easily maintainable modules in your application. Most of the introduced concepts concentrated on separating parts of your app and avoiding tight coupling between them. Even if you make your modules independent there […]