Vue.js Script Setup in Less than 5 Minutes

The Vue.js Composition API is a handy tool for creating reusable, stateful code across multiple components. However, it’s not just for creating reusable composables. The longer the API has been around, the more people are using it, even as their default style for all components. Considering the workflow, it really makes a lot of sense. […]

Tooling Saves Your Bacon

Consultants have a bad reputation. It’s common for development teams to view them with suspicion. They come in, make sweeping statements, wow your management team and leave as useless as they are dramatic. But at Vue School we think an engineering consultant is a different breed of consultant. Born in the trenches. A daily coder […]

Import Aliases in Vite

Perhaps, you’re moving from Vue CLI to Vite as your build tool of choice and in the process you realize that the @ alias no longer works 😱. This was exactly my experience, as well as my reaction. How in the world was I going to avoid such nasty looking imports as this ../../../someComponent.vue?

What is a Vue.js Composable?

Vue 3 introduced the Composition API, which has since taken the community by storm. In my opinion, the single best feature of the Composition API is the ability to extract reactive state and functionality into their own reusable modules or "composables".