Learning Vue.js in 2022

Written by Daniel Kelly

As Thanksgiving fast approaches this year, I'm sure we all have things to be thankful for. Be it friends, family, adventure, health, success, or otherwise, I hope that 2021 was a good year for you!

Also, as you look forward to 2022 in the coming month and a half, if professional success is on your to-do list, then I invite you to join the thousands of other developers who benefit from Vue School each and every day.

We've got a Black Friday sale to rival all sales 🎉 but more on that in a minute.

First, what's Vue School got to offer? What can you learn by joining Vue School?

Something for Everyone

Besides all the excellent free content we publish on the blog, and all the tips, tricks, industry insights, and current events you get from following us on Twitter, our crown jewel is our simple and easy-to-follow video courses.

Right now we have a variety of courses available, catered towards the experienced developer as well as to those who are brand new to the game. Our catalog includes all the following plus much more!

The Vue 3 Master Class

Skill Level: Intermediate

Our signature course has been re-produced from scratch to take advantage of the latest technologies such as Vue 3, Vue Router 4, and Vuex 4, as well as Google Firebase Firestore for real-time interactivity. In the course, Alex Kyriakidis and Daniel Kelly guide you step-by-step in building a real-world forum application from scratch.

If you've got a little front-end experience under your belt but haven't tackled a larger more interactive project, then this course is for you.

Vue.js 3 Fundamentals

Skill Level: Beginner

For those who are brand new to Vue, this year we also released an updated version of our Fundamentals course. The updated course still contains the simple walk-throughs and in depth explanations of the basics of Vue. However, the updated version works seamlessly with the latest version of Vue (Vue 3) without any back and forth to the docs trying to figure out what's changed.

At the end of the course, you'll have a thorough understanding of reactive data, computed properties, the template syntax, and all the other fundamentals needed to be proficient with Vue.js. Plus, you'll end up with a working shopping list to boot!

Along the same lines, we've also released updated versions of our Components' Fundamentals and Single File Components courses to include the latest and greatest syntax and practices for Vue 3.

Vue 3 Composition API

Skill Level: Intermediate

Learn Vue.js 3 With Vue School

We also recently released a course on the Composition API for more experienced Vue developers. The Vue 3 Composition API is all the rage these days and you'd be hard pressed to find a better course walking you through each and every new feature. Geared towards those familiar with the Options API, you'll learn how to do all the same things with the Composition API. Furthermore, learn how the Composition API can push your code even further in terms of readability, organization, and scalability.


Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate

While we've poured a lot of care and attention into the unrivaled Mastering Nuxt course, we also have a number of informative and focused courses on the Vue School platform to get you up and going with Nuxt.js. Checkout the Nuxt.js Fundamentals course if you've never used Nuxt before. Head over to the Static Site Generation with Nuxt.js course if you want to use Nuxt on the JAMStack. And dive into the more intricate details of data fetching with the Async Data with Nuxt.js course.


Skill Level: Beginner - Advanced

Though a lot of us tend to feel a little like sick 🤢 every time someone mentions testing and programming in the same sentence, it's a necessary practice in creating maintainable and stable applications. At Vue School, we have testing courses for the novice (JavaScript Testing Fundamentals), to the intermediate (Test with Jest), to the expert (Testing Vue.js Components). And who knows, by the end of it you might even learn to enjoy testing 🤔.

TypeScript Fundamentals

Skill Level: Beginner

Lastly, we've just released a brand new course on the fundamentals of working with TypeScript. Since Vue.js 3 is written in TypeScript and more and more of the JavaScript ecosystem is embracing TypeScript, now just might be time for you to jump on the wagon.

This course is excellent for those who know JavaScript but have 0 experience with TypeScript. Or even if you know a little TypeScript but could use a refresher, you'll find TypeScript Fundamentals a good watch.

And more!

Skill Level: Beginner - Advanced

In addition to all the quality courses above we also have many other courses guiding you through Vue.js specific strategies, tooling, and syntax like global state management with Vuex, client side routing with Vue Router 4, modern JavaScript, slots, GraphQL, Storybook, accessiblity, dynamic forms, directives, internationalization, and more! Feel free to browse our course list to get a good understanding of what all you're in for 😀.

Plus, Coming Soon

If you join Vue School for the coming year, you also get to look forward to a few other courses including: "Rapid Development with Vite", "TypeScript with Vue.js 3", and "Pinia: The Enjoyable Vue Store". Plus, those are only the courses that are currently in production. We're sure to produce more fresh new courses as the year progresses.

A Black Friday Deal You Can't Miss

Now that you're sufficiently informed about what all Vue School has to offer, let me tell you about our Black Friday deal.

Normally Vue School would cost you $25 a month, which is a steal considering how much you can make as a web developer these days. However, this Black Friday you can get 3 months of Vue School for only $49. That's ~35% off the regular price!

If you want to save even more you can get a whole year for only $114. That's a meager cost of $9.50 a month and over 40% off. Skip a burger and some fries and you're a step closer to your professional goals (plus your arteries will thank you). That's a pretty sweet deal!

If you're excited about everything you're hearing (and let's face it, who wouldn't be!), head on over to our Black Friday page and claim your discounted rate and I can't wait to hear from you in the comments, on slack, and on Twitter!

Learn Vue.js 3 With Vue School

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