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About the Custom Vue Directives course

Vue.js Directives are special HTML attributes that allow us to manipulate the DOM. Directives are very powerful and we use them every day.

Common directives are v-if, v-for and v-model.

The course covers all you need to know to be able to create your own, custom vue.js directives. In the course, we create three different directives to showcase the possibilities and power of custom vue.js directives.

The Directives

v-color allows us to easily add a CSS color to an HTML element.

v-switching-color changes the CSS color of the element every 500 milliseconds.

v-click-outside allows us to attach an event handler to when a user clicks outside an element. Perfect for modals and pop-over menus, toolboxes etc.

While the two first might seem silly, the possibilities with these patterns are very powerful. The course also teaches you what you need to know about directive modifiers and hooks.


This course uses Vue 2. While the directives API has changed slightly in Vue 3 many of the concepts taught in this course are the same.

View what's changed in the Vue 3 Docs Migartion Guide.

Also you can see Vue 3 directives in action in the Vue.js 3 Master Class.


Get Started

4 lessons • 6 min

Reusable Directives

2 lessons • 2 min

Directive Hooks

2 lessons • 3 min

Real-World Scenario

2 lessons • 2 min