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About the GraphQL Fundamentals course

GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime to execute said queries.

GraphQL lets us fetch nested resources and only the data fields we need from one endpoint. Thus, making it more performant and superior to traditional REST APIs where we often over-fetch data, and use multiple endpoints to get what we need.

During the course, we'll use the SpaceX GraphQL API to learn the essential fundamentals of GraphQL. The course is framework agnostic. It focuses purely on GraphQL, so it does not matter which JavaScript framework you use in your projects.

You will learn the following in the GraphQL Fundamentals course:

  • What GraphQL is and what makes it special
  • How to use the excellent GraphiQL IDE to explore and debug GraphQL queries and API data
  • How to write GraphQL Queries to get data efficiently from the API
  • How to write GraphQL mutations to add or change your data

After learning the essentials about GraphQL, what many argue is the next generation API technology. You will be ready to dive into how to use GrapQL with Vue.js or your favorite frameworks.


GraphQL Fundamentals

5 lessons • 23 min