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About the Storybook with Vue.js course

Storybook lets us create a visual component library and playground, where we can document, showcase, and interact with our Vue.js components in an isolated environment.

In this Storybook course, you will learn how to install and configure Storybook in any Vue.js project with Vue CLI. You will also learn how to organize and write stories to showcase different states of your Vue.js components.

The great thing with Storybook is that it is decoupled from our project, which gives us the ability to quickly prototype or demo features and progress. Imagine being able to demonstrate a date picker component in its different states quickly (open, closed, selected, disabled, etc.), in a separate (local or online) website.

A well put-together Storybook suite can benefit anyone from individuals and freelancers to larger multi-disciplinary teams.

Since every Vue.js project is not installed with Vue CLI, we'll have a dedicated chapter where we cover how to install Storybook in a custom Vue.js project that does not use Vue CLI. We will also cover how to configure Storybook with TailwindCSS and Vuetify.

This is the ultimate course if you want to begin using Storybook in your Vue.js projects, regardless if you're using the Vue CLI or not.