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About the Async Data with Nuxt.js course

It can be difficult and cumbersome to set up a custom system to fetch asynchronous data before you serve your application to your users and render everything on the server-side. Since JavaScript was designed to mainly run client-side, it comes with a few unwanted traits.

Nuxt.js has made it breathtakingly easy to fetch asynchronous data and render our entire application on the server-side before we serve it to our users. In this course, you will learn a few different methods to fetch asynchronous data and what to be careful with. Secondly, you'll learn how to fetch asynchronous data and render your Nuxt applications server-side.

Server-side rendering brings invaluable performance and SEO benefits.

Even though it is impressively smooth to fetch and render async data server-side with Nuxt.js, you need to know the basics of Nuxt. If you do not, we recommend our Nuxt.js Fundamanetals course.

After this course, you will be familiar with:

  • How to best fetch asynchronous data according to your applications needs
  • The caveats of the fetch method when it comes to server-side rendering
  • The benefits of using Nuxt modules
  • How to extend the Nuxt.js framework with plugins
  • Fetching async data and render your Vuex store server-side
  • Impressed with how easy it is to squeeze out extra performance and SEO of your JavaScript applications with Nuxt.js

This course is made together with Nuxt.js core member Alexander Lichter.

⚠️ This course uses Nuxt version 2. Visit this course for our latest material on Nuxt 3.