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About the TypeScript Fundamentals course

TypeScript is a super set of the JavaScript language that introduces static typing. In recent years, it's taken the JavaScript community by storm due to it's ability to create more maintainable and scalable code. In this course, we'll learn about the benefits of TypeScript, the ins and outs of it's syntax, and best practices around using it to make professional quality JavaScript code. Topics included in the course include:

  • Implicit and Explicit Types
  • Functions and Types
  • Union Types
  • Literal Types
  • Type Aliases
  • Interfaces
  • Type Assertions
  • Typescript and Classes
  • Enums
  • Generics
  • and more!


You should be familiar with JavaScript concepts and syntax like declaring variables, functions, etc, as well as ES6 fundamentals like modules and the arrow syntax. You do NOT have to familiar with Vue.js as this is a more generic course.

If you are looking to brush up your ES6 skills, watch our course Modern JavaScript: ES6 and beyond.