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Visual Studio Code Shortcuts for Vue.js Developers

Visual Studio Code Shortcuts for Vue.js Developers

Charles Allotey
Charles Allotey
March 1st 2023

Hello Vue.js developers! If you're looking for ways to improve your coding efficiency and speed, you've come to the right place. We present to you the comprehensive Visual Studio Code Shortcut Cheatlist.

Say goodbye to repetitive and time-consuming tasks and hello to increased productivity with these powerful shortcuts. This cheatsheet is guaranteed to supercharge your workflow and elevate your coding experience. These shortcuts do not only apply to Vue.js, so even if you are working with another Language or framework these shortcuts will work fine. Grab your keyboard and let's dive in!


Show Command Palette

⇧⌘P, F1 - Mac

Ctrl+Shift+P, F1 -Windows

Quick Open, Go to File...

⌘P - Mac

Ctrl+P - Windows

New window/instance

⇧⌘N - Mac

Ctrl+Shift+N - Windows

Close window/instance

⌘W - Mac

Ctrl+Shift+W - Windows

User Settings

⌘, - MacOS

Ctrl+, - Windows

Keyboard Shortcuts

⌘K ⌘S - MacOS

Ctrl+K Ctrl+S - Windows

Basic editing

Cut line (also works for empty selection)

⌘X - MacOS

Ctrl+X - Windows

Copy line (also works for empty selection)

⌘C - MacOS

Ctrl+C - Windows

Move line down/up

⌥↓ / ⌥↑ - MacOS

Alt+ ↑ / ↓ - Windows

Copy line down/up

⇧⌥↓ / ⇧⌥↑ - MacOS

Shift+Alt + ↓ / ↑ - Windows

Delete line

⇧⌘K - MacOS

Ctrl+Shift+K - Windows

Insert line below/above

⌘Enter / ⇧⌘Enter - MacOS

Ctrl+Enter / Ctrl+Shift+Enter - Windows

Jump to matching bracket

⇧⌘\ -MacOS

Ctrl+Shift+\ - Windows

Indent/outdent line

⌘] / ⌘[ - MacOS

Ctrl+] / [ - Windows

Go to beginning/end of line

Home / End - MacOS && Windows

Go to beginning/end of file

⌘↑ / ⌘↓ - MacOS

Ctrl+Home / Ctrl+End- Windows

Scroll line up/down

⌃PgUp / ⌃PgDn - MacOS

Ctrl+↑ / ↓ - Windows

Scroll page up/down

⌘PgUp /⌘PgDn - MacOS

Alt+PgUp / PgDn - Windows

Fold(Collapse) / unfold(uncollapse) region

⌥⌘[ / ⌥⌘] - MacOS

Ctrl+Shift+[ / Ctrl+Shift+] - Windows

Fold/unfold all subregions

⌘K ⌘[ / ⌘K ⌘] - MacOS

Ctrl+K Ctrl+[ / Ctrl+K Ctrl+] - Windows

Fold/unfold all regions

⌘K ⌘0 / ⌘K ⌘J - MacOS

Ctrl+K Ctrl+0 / Ctrl+K Ctrl+J - Windows

Add line comment

⌘K ⌘C - MacOS

Ctrl+K Ctrl+C - Windows

Remove line comment

⌘K ⌘U - MacOS

Ctrl+K Ctrl+U - MacOS

Toggle line comment

⌘/ - MacOS

Ctrl+/ - Windows

Toggle block comment

⇧⌥A - MacOS

Shift+Alt+A - Windows

Toggle word wrap

⌥Z - MacOS

Alt+Z - Windows

Multi-cursor and selection

Insert cursor

⌥ + click - MacOS

Alt+Click - Windows

Insert cursor above

⌥⌘↑ - MacOS

Ctrl+Alt+ ↑ - Windows

Insert cursor below

⌥⌘↓ - MacOS

Ctrl+Alt+ ↓ - Windows

Undo last cursor operation

⌘U - MacOS

Ctrl+U - Windows

Insert cursor at end of each line selected

⇧⌥I - MacOS

Shift+Alt+I - Windows

Select current line

⌘L - MacOS

Ctrl+L - Windows

Select all occurrences of current selection

⇧⌘L - MacOS

Ctrl+Shift+L - Windows

Select all occurrences of current word

⌘F2 - MacOS

Ctrl+F2 - Windows

Expand / shrink selection

⌃⇧⌘→ / ← - MacOS

Shift+Alt+→ / Shift+Alt+← - Windows

Column (box) selection

⇧⌥ + drag mouse - MacOS

Shift+Alt + drag mouse - Windows

Column (box) selection up/down

⇧⌥⌘↑ / ↓ - MacOS

Ctrl+Shift+Alt + ↑ / ↓ - Windows

Column (box) selection left/right

⇧⌥⌘← / → - MacOS

Ctrl+Shift+Alt + ← / → - Windows

Column (box) selection page up

⇧⌥⌘PgUp - MacOS

Ctrl+Shift+Alt +PgUp - Windows

Column (box) selection page down

⇧⌥⌘PgDn - MacOS

Ctrl+Shift+Alt +PgDn - Windows

Search and replace


⌘F - MacOS

Ctrl+F - Windows


⌥⌘F - MacOS

Ctrl+H - Windows

Find next/previous

⌘G / ⇧⌘G - MacOS

F3 / Shift+F3 - Windows

Select all occurrences of Find match

⌥Enter - MacOS

Alt+Enter - Windows

Add selection to next Find match

⌘D - MacOS

Ctrl+D - Windows

Move last selection to next Find match

⌘K ⌘D - MacOS

Ctrl+K Ctrl+D - Windows

Rich languages editing

Trigger suggestion

⌃Space, ⌘I

Ctrl+Space, Ctrl+I

Trigger parameter hints

⇧⌘Space - MacOS

Ctrl+Shift+Space - Windows

Format document

⇧⌥F - MacOS

Shift+Alt+F - Windows

Format selection

⌘K ⌘F - MacOS

Ctrl+K Ctrl+F - Windows

Go to Definition

F12 - Windows && MacOS

Peek Definition

⌥F12- MacOS

Alt+F12 - Windows

Open Definition to the side

⌘K F12 - MacOS

Ctrl+K F12 - Windows

Quick Fix

⌘. - MacOS

Ctrl+. - Windows

Show References

⇧F12 - MacOS

Shift+F12 - Windows

Rename Symbol

F2 - Windows && MacOS

Trim trailing whitespace

⌘K ⌘X - MacOS

Ctrl+K Ctrl+X - Windows

Change file language

⌘K M - MacOS

Ctrl+K M - Windows


Show all Symbols

⌘T - MacOS

Ctrl+T - Windows

Go to Line...

⌃G - MAcOS

Ctrl+G - Windows

Go to File...

⌘P - MacOS

Ctrl+P - Windows

Go to Symbol...

⇧⌘O - MacOS

Ctrl+Shift+O - Windows

Show Problems panel

⇧⌘M - MacOS

Ctrl+Shift+M - Windows

Go to next/previous error or warning

F8 / ⇧F8 - MacOS

F8/ Shift+F8 - Windows

Navigate editor group history

⌃⇧Tab - MacOS

Ctrl+Shift+Tab - Windows

Go back/forward

⌃- / ⌃⇧- - MacOS

Alt+ ← / → - Windows

Toggle Tab moves focus

⌃⇧M - MacOS

Ctrl+M - Windows

Editor management

Close editor

⌘W- MacOS

Ctrl+F4, Ctrl+W - Windows

Close folder

⌘K F - MacOS

Ctrl+K F - Windows

Split editor

⌘\ - MacOS

Ctrl+\ - Windows

Focus into 1st, 2nd, 3rd editor group

⌘1 / ⌘2 / ⌘3 - MacOS

Ctrl+ 1 / 2 / 3 - Windows

Focus into previous/next editor group

⌘K ⌘← / ⌘K ⌘→ - MacOS

Ctrl+K Ctrl+ ←/→ - Windows

Move editor left/right

⌘K ⇧⌘← / ⌘K ⇧⌘→ - MacOS

Ctrl+Shift+PgUp / PgDn - Windows

Move active editor group

⌘K ← / ⌘K → - MacOS

Ctrl+K ← / → - Windows

File management

New File

⌘N - MacOS

Ctrl+N - Windows

Open File...

⌘O - MacOS

Ctrl+O - Windows


⌘S - MacOS

Ctrl+S - Windows

Save As...

⇧⌘S - MacOS

Ctrl+Shift+S - Windows

Save All

⌥⌘S - MacOS

Ctrl+K S - Windows


⌘W - MacOS

Ctrl+F4 - Windows

Close All

⌘K ⌘W - MacOS

Ctrl+K Ctrl+W - Windows

Reopen closed editor

⇧⌘T - MacOS

Ctrl+Shift+T - Windows

Enter Keep preview mode editor open

⌘K - MacOS

Ctrl+K Enter - Windows

Tab Open next / previous

⌃Tab / ⌃⇧ - MacOS

Ctrl+Tab / Ctrl+Shift+Tab - Windows

Copy path of active file

⌘K P - MacOS

Ctrl+K P- Windows

Reveal active file in Finder

⌘K R - MacOS

Ctrl+K R - Windows

Show active file in new window/instance

⌘K O - MacOS

Ctrl+K O - Windows


Toggle full screen

⌃⌘F - MacOS

F11 - Windows

Toggle editor layout (horizontal/vertical)

⌥⌘0 - MacOS

Shift+Alt+0 - Windows

Zoom in/out

⌘= / ⇧⌘- - MacOS

Ctrl+ = / - - Windows

Toggle Sidebar visibility

⌘B - MacOS

Ctrl+B - Windows

Show Explorer / Toggle focus

⇧⌘E - MacOS

Ctrl+Shift+E - Windows

Show Search

⇧⌘F - MacOS

Ctrl+Shift+F - Windows

Show Source Control

⌃⇧G - MacOS

Ctrl+Shift+G - Windows

Show Debug

⇧⌘D - MacOS

Ctrl+Shift+D - Windows

Show Extensions

⇧⌘X - MacOS

Ctrl+Shift+X - Windows

Replace in files

⇧⌘H - MacOS

Ctrl+Shift+H - Windows

Toggle Search details

⇧⌘J - MacOS

Ctrl+Shift+J - Windows

Show Output panel

⇧⌘U - MacOS

Ctrl+Shift+U - Windows

Open Markdown preview

⇧⌘V - MacOS

Ctrl+Shift+V - Windows

Open Markdown preview to the side

⌘K V - MacOS

Ctrl+K V - Windows

Zen Mode (Esc Esc to exit)

⌘K Z - MacOS

Ctrl+K Z - Windows


Toggle breakpoint

F9 - MacOS & Windows


F5 - MacOS & Windows

Step into/ out

F11 / ⇧F11 - MacOS

F11 / Shift+F11 - Windows

Step over

F10 - MacOS & Windows


⇧F5 - MacOS

Shift+F5 - Windows

Show hover

⌘K ⌘I - MacOS

Ctrl+K Ctrl+I - Windows

Integrated terminal

Show integrated terminal

⌃` - MacOS

Ctrl+` - Windows

Create new terminal

⌃⇧` - MacOS

Ctrl+Shift+` - Windows

Copy selection

⌘C - MacOS

Ctrl+C - Windows

Scroll up/down

⌘↑ / ↓ - MacOS

Ctrl+↑ / ↓ - Windows

Scroll page up/down

PgUp / PgDn - MacOS

Shift+PgUp / PgDn - Windows

Scroll to top/bottom

⌘Home / End - MacOS

Ctrl+Home / End - Windows

Using VS code and Volar

Volar is the recommended language support tool for Vue.js 3. It helps you understand your Vue.js code as well highlighting some syntax errors in your Vue.js code. It’s an essential tool for Vue.js developers. With the volar extension installed in your VS code, you have access to some powerful features added to the normal VS code features.

  • Volar auto formats your code on save → ⌘S - MacOS & Ctrl+S - Windows

  • You can use find file references in right click menu or command palette to give you all implementations of your component

  • Use “Preview Vite App” or “Preview Nuxt App” to spin up a dev server in a simple browser.

  • Use "Go to code" and "Highlight selected elements" by Vite and Nuxt app preview feature to view code element in browser

Customizing your shortcuts

All keyboard shortcuts in VS Code can be customized via the keybindings.json file. To configure keyboard shortcuts through the JSON file, open Keyboard Shortcuts editor and select the Open Keyboard Shortcuts (JSON) button on the right of the editor title bar. This will open your keybindings.


The Visual Studio Code Shortcut Cheatsheet for Vue.js Developers is a valuable tool for improving coding efficiency and speed. By mastering some of these these shortcuts, developers can reduce the amount of time spent on repetitive tasks and focus more on delivering high-quality code. You can download the official VS code cheatsheet from these links

If you are interested in taking your Vue.js development skills with Visual Studio Code to the next level, our online course, "Visual Studio Code for Vue.js Developers" is the perfect solution. With comprehensive lessons and hands-on tutorials, you'll gain a deep understanding of Visual Studio Code and its powerful features specifically designed for Vue.js development. So, whether you're a seasoned Vue developer or just starting out, this cheatsheet and online course are sure to help you achieve a smoother and more productive coding experience.

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