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The Command Palette and Custom Themes

In this lesson, we dive into the all important topic of color themes in Visual Studio code. Kidding aside, you do spend a lot of time looking at the editor so it’s worth taking the time making it look both visual pleasing and optimized for good eye health.


Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Open Command Palette
    • Cmd+Shift+P (Mac)
    • Ctr+Shift+P (Windows)
  • Open Extension Panel - ⌘+⇧+X
    • Cmd+Shift+X (Mac)
    • Ctr+Shift+X (Windows)


Right before recording these first 3 lessons, I updated VS Code to version 1.67 which includes Bracket Pair Colorization by default. I knew something didn't look right with the Material Theme Darker High Contrast and it was those bright yellow curly braces and parentheses. It took me a couple days of thinking that I was going crazy before I realized what happened.

You can turn bracket pair colorization off with this setting:

"editor.bracketPairColorization.enabled": false