What you will love in Vue 3 [Video]

Written by Alex Kyriakidis

In early 2020, there is a lot of discussion and anticipation for Vue 3. Thus I wanted to help the community prepare for the next version of our beloved framework.

Vue 3 brings in a lot of exciting features and changes. By the time of writing, Vue 3 is in alpha version and we expect a beta soon!

I gave a talk, "What you'll love in Vue 3", at Vue Amsterdam and VueConf US earlier this year, about the new features I am the most excited about.

Sarah Drasner on Twitter

Loving this talk by @hootlex, about New Vue 3 Features you would Love! Some highlights: - multiple v-models - portals (shown w/ target and source) - the end of reactivity caveats (prev Vue.$set) - non-breaking API πŸ™‚ - massive perf improvements - better TS support - more!

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I suggest that you take a few minutes to watch the intro where I touch upon the success of the Vue framework and the concerns that arise in vue 3 that we should not neglect.

Prepare yourself for what to expect! Watch the talk below πŸ‘‡

Alex Kyriakidis - What you'll love in Vue 3 - Vue.js Amsterdam 2020

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Filip Rakowski and I are working on a course, What’s new in Vue 3, where we are going to cover all the new stuff.

Follow the course to be notified when we launch it.

Want to learn more about Vue 3 today?

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