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A “Wordle” on Test Driven Development in Vue.js

What is TDD and how it helps us write better software? thumbnail image

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What is TDD and how it helps us write better software?

Test-driven development, also known as TDD, is a software development approach that prioritizes writing tests before writing the implementation.

In this lesson, we'll cover the basic concepts that are involved with Test Driven Development, and how and why they lead our applications to have well-structured, modular, and highly understandable code, that is easy to maintain.

A lot of what we’re covering in this lesson has been popularized by Kent Beck in his famous book, “Test-Driven Development: By Example”.

If you haven’t done any testing for VueJS Components, it could be helpful to get some basic understanding beforehand by looking into the Vue Test Utils documentation on “How to test forms”, or by watching a dedicated Vue Test Utils course like this one here.