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About the A “Wordle” on Test Driven Development in Vue.js course

Embark on a coding journey and discover the transformative power of Test-Driven Development (TDD) in software engineering. By writing tests before actual code implementation, TDD ensures robust and maintainable code. This process revolves around three main steps, often referred to as the "Red-Green-Refactor" cycle.

In this course, you will unlock the power of Test-Driven Development (TDD) while immersing yourself in the world of Vue.js 3 and its dynamic Composition API. We’ll not only cover Theory but also have hands-on practice by making a clone of the popular game “Wordle” entirely from scratch.

You will be learning the mindset behind writing good tests that not only act as guidelines for goals, but also as protectors of existing features, and helpers for writing clean code.

This course is a great way to sharpen your skills with Vue 3 Composition API skills, Vitest, and Vue Test Utils.

Having some basic understanding of Vue Test Utils is recommended, but you can still benefit from this course even if you’ve never written tests before.

Key Learning Points:

  • Understand the Red-Green-Refactor loop.
  • Learn the art of crafting resilient tests.
  • Harness the power of test generators for efficient testing.
  • Navigate the world of mocks and spies.
  • Develop a testing mindset for cleaner code.
  • Acquire essential refactoring techniques.
  • Learn strategies to address regressions.

While a basic understanding of Vue Test Utils is recommended, this course is designed to benefit developers at all levels, including those new to testing. Whether you're a Vue.js enthusiast, a TDD advocate, or a developer eager to enhance your skills, this course provides a comprehensive blend of theory and hands-on experience.

Join us on this exciting coding expedition, and elevate your software development expertise!