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Vue.js Master Class 2024 Edition

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Get access to the most comprehensive Vue.js video library in the world. Over 300 video lessons including the newest Vue 3 features.

Prerequisites and Initial Environment

This lesson equips you with the essential tools you'll need to kickoff your Vue.js 3 development journey:

  • Terminal: We'll show you how to access the terminal, and you’ll learn about options for both Mac and Windows users.
  • Node.js and npm: You will learn how to download and install the correct Node.js version with npm.
  • NVM (Node Version Manager): We’ll introduce NVM for managing multiple Node.js and npm versions.
  • Browser: Choose your browser of choice, but make sure it's a modern one with the Vue Devtools extension installed.
  • Code Editor: While you can use any editor you love, we recommend Visual Studio Code (VSCode) for its handy Vue 3 extensions.
  • Vue.js Experience: The Vue.js 3 Masterclass is for all levels, but having a basic understanding of Vue.js concepts will give you a head start. We've included resources for foundational learning if you need a refresher.

By the end of this lesson, you'll have a development environment perfectly suited for building awesome Vue.js 3 applications!