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Vue.js Master Class 2024 Edition

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Get access to the most comprehensive Vue.js video library in the world. Over 300 video lessons including the newest Vue 3 features.

Scaffolding a Lightning-Fast Vue.js 3 App with Vite

Vue.js is so easy to start working with. We’ll explore two different ways you can install Vue.js, depending on your needs:

  • Quick Playgrounds: For those just starting out or wanting to experiment, online playgrounds like JSFiddle and StackBlitz allow you to try out Vue.js code snippets without any local setup.
  • Project Scaffolding: For our in-depth project, we'll use create-vue, a tool based on Vite, a blazing-fast local development server created by Evan You.

We'll guide you through scaffolding a Single Page Application (SPA) using create-vue. The process involves selecting options like project name, adding features like TypeScript, Vue Router for navigation, and ESLint and Prettier for code quality and formatting.