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Keyboard Shortcuts for Quickly Managing Files in Visual Studio Code

In this lesson, we speed up our workflow in Visual Studio Code with some handy keyboard shortcuts for navigating, opening, creating, and closing files.


Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Show Explorer / Toggle focus
    • Cmd+Shift+E (Mac)
    • Ctrl+Shift+E (Windows)
  • Quick Open, Go to File...
    • Cmd+P (Mac)
    • Ctrl+P (Windows)
  • Create New File
    • Cmd+N (Mac)
    • Ctrl+N (Windows)
  • Save File
    • Cmd+S (Mac)
    • Ctrl+S (Windows)
  • Advanced New File (with Extension)
    • Cmd+Option+N (Mac)
    • Ctrl+Alt+N (Windows)
  • Close File
    • Cmd+W (Mac)
    • Ctrl+Alt+N (Windows)
  • Open Next File Tab
    • Cmd+Shift+] (Mac)
    • Ctrl+Shift+] (Windows)
  • Open Previous File Tab
    • Cmd+Shift+[ (Mac)
    • Ctrl+Shift+[ (Windows)