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About the TypeScript with Vue.js 3 course

TypeScript is a super set of the JavaScript language that introduces static typing. In recent years, it's taken the JavaScript community by storm due to it's ability to create more maintainable and scalable code. In this course, we'll learn about:

  • the benefits of using TypeScript with Vue
  • how to setup a TypeScript and Vue project
  • how to setup VS Code to work with TypeScript and Vue
  • how to type all things Vue related such as
    • Typing reactive data
    • Typing props
    • Typing events
    • Typing templates refs
    • Plus much more!

As we go through the course, we'll build a working journal application together. This will give you the hands on experience and the know-how of working with TypeScript in a real Vue project, providing a more comprehensive understanding than one off examples and counter components.