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About the Vue.js 3 Options API Masterclass course

This is the supercharged, remastered Vue.js 3 Masterclass.

We’ve taken all the feedback we got from The Vue.js 2 Masterclass, and supercharged The Vue.js Masterclass with all the new goodies from Vue.js 3 and the ecosystem.

This is our signature course. It is probably the most thorough Vue.js course available online.

The Vue.js Masterclass is so comprehensive that we can not cover everything on this page. Thus we’ve created a separate page where you can learn more about it.

In our Masterclass you'll learn Vue.js by building a real-world application. Together we’ll create a complete forum from scratch using exciting technologies that synergize with Vue.

The goal of the Masterclass is to teach you Vue.js along with Best Practices, Modern Javascript, and other exciting technologies, by building a Real World application - a forum.

We cover the fundamentals, like:

  • Vue cli, router, and State management with Vuex
  • Modern Javascript (ES6/7/8)
  • User permissions & Route Guards
  • Third party authentication
  • Google Cloud Firestore
  • Automatic code review with ESLint
  • Consuming REST API
  • Application architecture and best practices

We also dive into harder topics, like:

  • Higher Order Functions
  • Creating Vue Plugins
  • Code Splitting
  • Support for older Browsers
  • Webpack configuration
  • Deployments

By completing the Vue.js Masterclass, you will be able to land any Vue related job or optimize/improve your own projects!

Requirements You should be familiar with JavaScript, basic ES6 like arrow functions and import statements, and have fundamental knowledge of Vue.js.

If you are just starting out with Vue.js, we suggest that you watch our free course Vue.js Fundamentals and browse around our other beginner courses before diving into the Vue Masterclass. If you are looking to brush up your ES6 skills, watch our course Modern JavaScript: ES6 and beyond.


Custom Vue.js Directives

3 lessons • 17 min