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The Vue.js Master Class

In our Master Class you'll learn Vue.js by building a real-world application

Learn VueJS Course

Learn by building

We believe that our course is the number one source to learn Vue.js, it’s ecosystem and how to build modern web applications with modern JavaScript.

Together we’ll create a complete forum from scratch using exciting technologies that synergize with Vue.

You'll learn to structure your application. When to use X and why you shouldn't do Y.

We’ll discuss best practices and alternative ways to achieve the same result so when you’re building your own Vue application you’ll be comfortable deciding the architecture.

VueJS Tutorial

In-depth, optional lessons

The application is linted with ESLint and built with modern JavaScript (incl ES6, ES7 and ES8).

We have created separate (optional) lessons if you need to be brought up to speed on certain features (Linting, Destructuring with Javascript, Arrow functions, mapping …) and truly believe that our course structure is suitable for the whole fruit bowl of developers, even if you’re a beginner, a senior or somewhere between.

Vue JS course

Progress Naturally

The Vue.js Master Class is structured like you would build a real application.

We’ll start with the data source, then move to laying out the basic application before we dive into state management, code splitting, Vue plugin creation and SEO - to name a few topics.

We’ll also develop many cool features like real time tracking and updates, user mentions and post reactions.

Vue JS tutorial

On point lessons

If you’re tired of in-comprehensive tutorials or “super courses”- that will “teach you everything there is to know about Vue.js in 39 minutes”, but in reality only show a few concepts and do not include how to build a real-world application with what you just learned - we think Vue School will be delightful as a light breeze in a hot summer day.

Every lesson is scripted and thoroughly reviewed, which means that the videos are on point and paced just right! Think of it as a carefully directed movie about Vue.js.


JavaScript (ES6)



Webpack Logo




What will we build?

We will create a single page forum application from scratch using modern web development technologies.



Vue Loader

Vue Loader

Vue Router

Vue Router



Alex Kyriakidis

Alex Kyriakidis

Alex has an intimate relationship with the core Vue.js team.

He’s an official Community Partner, the author of two best selling books (The Majesty of Vue.js 1 and 2) and a long time sponsor of the Vue.js Framework.

He’s been working full time on Vue School since late 2016.

Rolf Haug

Rolf Haug

Rolf doesn't have an intimate relationship with Vue.js, but he has almost 14 years of experience in web development & business.

He has been responsible for multiple successful projects in the private sector. He is addicted to knowledge and artisan food (hence the bg).

Chris Fritz

Chris Fritz

We’re proud that Chris, educator and core member of the Vue.js team, has been our lead technical advisor.

Chris has been of great assistance to ensure a high quality Vue.js course to all skill levels.

Friends Feedback

Even though she’s your mother, it’s still nice to hear that you’re beautiful (and tell others from time to time). Here is what our friends say about our Vue.js course.

Meet the teach!

Alex Kyriakidis is an independent developer and teacher from Greece. He has worked with several teams delivering high-quality, cross-platform applications and APIs. Alex loves his cold coffee (Greek frappé) and prefers to work in his spare time.

What does the course include?

Since the course is still in production, you'll get
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  • New videos every week *
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* Until the course is fully produced. We expect this course to contain close to 200 high quality videos about Vue.js and related technologies.

Published Lessons

New lessons are published every week*

1. Getting Started

What do I need?

Get started with the mighty Vue CLI

Scaffold your project with Vue CLI

Automatic Code Review, Linting with ESLint

Explore the Webpack template

2. Application Structure

Structuring our data

Import data source and show the conversations

Vue.js with a Theme and Scoped CSS Styling

3. Routing

Introducing the vue-router

Components, Props and Computed Properties

Router Links

Organizing the Components

Handling not found pages

CSS Modules with Webpack

4. Organizing the Application

Tidy up a messy component

Arrow Functions

Let the discussion begin!

Communicate between components

Destructuring JavaScript Arrays and Objects

Human Friendly Dates

5. Forum Logic

Organize threads in forums

Forum Components

Categories, Collections of Forums

Base Components

Global Base Components

6. Vuex State Management

Migrating to Vuex

Creating Posts using Vuex

The NavBar

Grabbing the Authenticated User

User Profile Page

Utility to Count Object Properties

JavaScript: By Reference vs By Value

Update a User Profile

Shared Page Components

Use authId when Creating Posts

7. Forum Threads

Create New Threads

Actions and Mutations

Add the Route

Redirect on Publish

Use Route Params


Edit Threads

Improve the ThreadEditor

8. Forum Posts

Editing Posts

Conditionally display multiple elements with an invisible wrapper

Post Editor Buttons

Vue.js Custom Prop Validation

Has the post been modified?

9. Higher Order Functions

What is a Higher Order Function?

Creating Dynamic Vuex Getters using Higher Order Functions

Create Vuex Mutations with Higher Order Functions

Filter Array Elements to Count Unique Contributors

Small Improvements Before the Firebase Chapter

10. Firebase Real-Time Database

Install Firebase Realtime Database

Set up the Firebase Realtime Database

Understanding the Vue.js Lifecycle Hooks

Start Migrate Vuex to use Firebase Realtime Database

Fetch Data from Firebase With Vuex Actions

Reusable Vuex Actions and Mutations

Vuex Actions that Fetches Multiple Items from Firebase

Fetch Firebase Data Before Creating Component Instance

Fetch Data for All Pages

Clean up Components by Mapping our Vuex Actions

Split Vuex Store into Multiple Files

Fetch Data Before Creating the Vue Instance

Store New Posts in Firebase with Vuex

Store New Threads in Firebase with Vuex

Counting Thread Contributors

I learn Vue.js?
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Frequently asked questions

Does my access to the Master Class expire?

Nope! Like diamonds, the course is forever. 😄 💎

When does the course end?

Our Master Class is still under production. You get immediate access to all available videos after you enroll, while we continuously publish new lessons.

Will I get a certificate of completion? 👩‍🎓

Yes, we offer an official Vue School certificate. Once you complete a percentage of the course you will receive an email with your certificate.

Do you offer student discounts?

Shoot us an email with your student ID and we will make it happen.

What about countries with low Purchasing Power Parity?

If you are from a country with low Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), shoot us an email with your details and we will be happy to provide you with a discount.

Is there a package for teams?

Yes, send us an email with the number of licenses you need and we will arrange it.

How often will I get new lessons?

We don’t like to say ‘all the time’, so let’s say that we will publish lessons every week.