Student Pricing at Vue School

Written by Rolf Haug
Student Pricing at Vue School

Well hello there! Here at Vue School we aim to mould and develop the next generation of Vue.js experts. Everyone, from Advanced to “just starting out” beginners, can find a place here at Vue School learning and developing their Vue skills regardless of level. That has been our goal from the start, to allow developers of all levels to hone and perfect their abilities to build websites and applications in Vue!

However, we know that for our platform to be as accessible as possible, we need to ensure that it’s affordable for everyone! For this reason, we will begin offering a significant discount to students who wish to level up their Vue skills at Vue School.

After discussion amongst the team, this has been seen as one of our best decisions to date. Students, entering the development industry, are the future of web! In order to support their growth, alongside supporting the adoption and uptake of Vue.js, we need to make sure everyone can afford top quality learning products!

We already have over 53,500 developers, actively learning through the Vue School platform (and that’s just the ones we know about). Of these, we estimate 7400 are currently students. We hope to greatly increase this number, through the heavily discounted student scholarship program. Which will make our courses accessible to students around the World!

Not only will Vue School help these students to get better at their passion, it will also greatly improve their job prospects (as can be seen from many of our Vue School success stories)!

We're offering Vue School Premium for just $12/month or $98/year to all students.

Send us an email with your desired plan and your student id/email or any proof that you are studying and we will help you out.

Curious about Vue School? Check out our course catalog and premium plans.

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