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100 Developer Meetups to find your local Vue.js tribe

100 Developer Meetups to find your local Vue.js tribe

Maria Panagiotidou
Maria Panagiotidou
September 23rd 2022

We know what it’s like. Sometimes those long days (and nights!) of coding can get kinda lonely. So, if you’re in search of other kindred Vue.js developers to connect with, we’ll help you find your Vue tribe! We’ve pulled together 100 of the most popular Vue Meetups from around the world to make it easier for you to find your closest one.

But first, what are Vue Meetups all about?

Designed to help you find your people, meetups take place both online and in-person with the intention of building local communities. As an added bonus, you’ll learn new things about Vue, find support, get out of your comfort zone, and explore new possibilities, together.

Building a Vue.js community

At Vue School, we’re firm believers that people who code together, learn together and of course, grow together, but we also know that finding your tribe can sometimes be hard. That’s why we wanted to make it easier for people like you to find and build connections with other Vue.js developers.

Here is the list of 100 Vue.js Meetups

1. Alicante Frontend

Location: Alicante, Spain
Description: The Frontend ecosystem is a mess and we love it! If you want to learn and share about Frontend-oriented web development, you have come to the right place. Beginners, experts and hackers from Alicante and surroundings: you are welcome. The meetings will be in the form of a talk, workshop or a simple meeting to share ideas, doubts and opinions.
Number of members: 1,318

2. Atlanta Vue.js Meetup

Location: Atlanta, GA
Description: The Atlanta Vue.js Meetup is a meetup for anyone interested in the progressive JavaScript framework Vue.js. Described by many to be a mix between AngularJS and React, Vue.js is easily approachable, versatile, and performance focused. Potential discussion topics include the growing Vue Ecosystem, development patterns, and real world use cases of the framework.
Meeting are held on a monthly basis, and food will be provided. After a presentation of the topic of choice, there will be time for a Q & A session, followed by some time for smaller networking and discussions.
Number of members: 612

3. Austin Vue.js

Location: Austin, TX
Description: This is a group for people who eat, sleep and drink Vue... or you just want to share your knowledge and get feedback from others using Vue. From the expert to the beginner, this is the place for you!
Number of members: 431

4. BEL Vue

Location: Antwerpen, Belgium
Description: Welcome! We're the local Vue.js User Group for Belgium, great to have you here. We usually schedule meetups every month or two, with topics on anything related to Vue.js. If you've got any questions, or if you'd like to propose a talk, we'd be really happy to hear from you! Hope to see you soon at one of our (online) Meetups!
Number of members: 308

5. Boston Vue.js

Location: Boston, MA
Description: This is a group for anyone interested in learning more about Vue.js! All skill levels are welcome.
Number of members: 529

6. Chicago Vue.js

Location: Chicago, IL
Description: Everything about Vue.js! Join our slack at
Number of members: 1276

7. Dallas Vue Meetup

Location: Dallas, TX
Description: This is a group for anyone interested in Vue.js. We are excited about getting people together to explore topics in Vue, from the basics of setting up an app to more advanced topics like building scalable projects. All skill levels are welcome, if you're interested in Vue we would love to have you join us!
Number of members: 541

8. Denver Vue.js Meetup

Location: Denver, CO
Description: On Hiatus! Any developers who have worked with Vue framework or anyone interested in learning Vue is encouraged to join! The meetup will be held monthly and discuss latest topics in the Vue community.
Number of members: 926

9. Hamburg Vue.js Meetup

Location: Hamburg, Germany
Description: Welcome to the Vue.js meetup in Hamburg. This is all about the JavaScript framework Vue.js and is for everybody who wants to learn more about this fantastic frontend framework.
Number of members: 763

10. Meetup de Vue.js Porto Alegre

Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Description: The purpose of the Vue.js Meetup is to share and stimulate knowledge along with the dissemination and understanding of Vue.js! Everyone is very welcome to participate and collaborate with content. We seek in meetups to encourage all levels of professionals to propose talks and challenge themselves with Vue <3 We understand that all shared knowledge is super important and valid for all forms of learning! We will be very happy to see you next time!!! Shall we network, hang out with the guys, have a beer and learn Vue together?
Number of members: 667

11. Montevideo Vue.JS Meetup

Location: Montevideo, Uruguay
Description: We are creating the VueJS meetup in Montevideo - Uruguay! Our purpose is to spread VueJS as a reliable option for the development of web and mobile applications (and have fun while we learn together!). Collaborate so that all the members of the group have tools to be experts in developing this framework, which we like so much. All ideas are welcome, write us if you wish to participate. Welcome 🙂
Number of members: 97

12. Montreal Vue.js

Location: Montréal, QC
Description: Group for anyone interested with Vuejs. Meetups will involve learning about Vue.js in one way or another: through talks or through peer to peer help.
Number of members: 978

13. Moscow Vue.js Meetup

Location: Moscow, Russia
Description: Vue.js is getting more and more popular every day. More and more developers and companies are betting on this technology. I think we will have something to talk about, join.
Number of members: 1,463

14. Porto.Vue

Location: Porto, Portugal
Description: This community was created by programmers and for programmers. We want all Vue.js professionals, students and enthusiasts to have a space for sharing and learning, where there are no silly doubts or irrelevant experiences. Come learn and share your stories! Our meetups are open to everyone (even those who have never heard of Vue.js!)
Number of members: 559

15. San Diego JavaScript Community

Location: San Diego, CA
Description: We're a friendly San Diego community that meets regularly to discuss JavaScript and the web. Join us at workshops, monthly lightning talk evenings, and many more focussed events throughout the year to hone your skills or get your feet wet. We are open to developers, tinkerers, hobbyist, experts, and individuals that put themselves at any skill level.
Number of members: 7,085

16. Seattle Vue.js

Location: Seattle, WA
Description: Vue.js is becoming the most popular Single Page App framework in the world. Let's make it the most popular framework in Seattle!
Number of members: 391

17. Sofia Vue.js Meetup

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Description: Hi friends! We see how Vue.js is becoming very popular with day by day. Many companies and developers choose this framework as their main working tool. If you like to make a presentation please let us know.
Number of members: 102

18. Stockholm Vue.js Meetup

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Description: Vue.js group to share technologies and discuss around Vue.js universe, but also to get to know each other as human beings and fellow colleagues.
Number of members: 586

19. Stuttgart Vue.js Meetup

Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Description: Let's talk about Vue.js! We regularly meet-up to have discussions on Vue.js, its surrounding technologies, their possibilities, challenges and best practices. We also seek to provide an exchange for beginners, enthusiasts or the merely curious alike.
Number of members: 313

20. Tokyo Vue.js - MTV

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Description: The Tokyo Vue.js Meetup is for anybody using or even just interested in the Vue.js framework who wants to learn about it from peers. We'll aim at having at least presentations once a month or more if possible. If you want to present please send us an email at [email protected]
Number of members: 121

21. Utah Vue.js Meetup

Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Description: How does authoring high-quality web, native, and hybrid apps in a short amount of time sound? Welcome to Vue. Vue is arguably the hottest, most progressive and productive tech in the Web development ecosystem today. With only a limited amount of experience, it can give an individual developer the power of many, enabling you to conjure up quick, maintainable interfaces, and help ease your whole team into powerful best practices. Join us and let's navigate the cutting edge of Web Development together.
Number of members: 670dw

22. Vue Basel

Location: Basel, Switzerland
Description: Vue Basel is a group of developers who are working with (or just interested in) the Vue.js framework. We're meeting regularly to talk about our experiences and show off cool projects we've done. This is a great place to meet like-minded people and learn more about Vue! We're always looking for people who want to give a talk about an interesting project or also just on how they're using Vue at their company or their personal project. This is also a great opportunity to give your first talk at a meetup in a small group of people and gain some experience.
Number of members: 362

23. Vue Berne

Location: Bern, Switzerland
Description: This is a Vue.js meetup where we can discuss, chat, have talks and learn from each other. All skill levels are very welcome.
Number of members: 178

24. Vue Charleston

Location: Mount Pleasant, SC
Description: This group is for anyone interested in all things Web Development but primarily on Vue.js. All skill levels are welcome. I started this group to meet other Vue.js fans and discuss the latest developments.
Number of members: 38

25. Vue Costa Rica

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
Description: Let’s get together to share knowledge about the most promising and revolutionary Fronted Development Framework: Vue.js. People of all levels are welcome as long as they have basic Web knowledge (HTML5, CSS, JS).
Number of members: 260

26. Vue js Lausanne

Location: Lausanne, Switzerland
Description: This meetup is for anyone interested in Vue.js, whether you already work with it since the first version or never used it but are curious to learn more about one of the most rapidly growing Javascript framework.
Number of members: 155

27. Vue MN

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Description: We're a group of passionate developers helping grow the Vue community in Minnesota. Vue experts and beginners welcome. We meet every other month to discuss Vue, listen to speakers, work on projects, and learn together.
Number of members: 240

28. Vue Philly

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Description: Welcome! This is a meetup where we discuss and share knowledge about VueJS, JavaScript and anything related. People of all background and experience levels are always welcome.Feel free to reach out if you're interested in giving a talk at our next meetup.
Number of members: 311

29. Vue Rajkot

Location: Rajkot, India
Description: Vue is the approachable, versatile and performant progressive javascript framework. You should attend if you're new to frontend / frameworks, you're about to start a new project, or you're already working on Vue and want to connect with like-minded people

30. Vue Sertão

Location: Juàzeiro, BA, Brazil
Description: Official page of the meetings of the VueSertão group

31. Vue Spain

Location: Madrid, Spain
Description: Our main purpose is to promote the use of Vue.js in Spain and to reach everyone who is interested in it, even if they don't have a local meetup in their city. Vue Spain is currently the union of 6 communities related to the JavaScript framework in Spain where we are united by our interest in learning and sharing about it.
Number of members: 606

32. Vue Sydney

Location: Sydney, Australia
Description: Meetup for those interested in VueJS in Sydney. If you're using Vue or considering to, meet and share experiences, ideas and practices. VueJS is the most popular and fastest growing javascript framework in the world, counting by the amount of stars on GitHub. It's backed by large players including Alibaba.
Number of members: 1,252

33. Vue Toronto

Location: Toronto, ON
Description: This is a group for anyone interested in Vue.js. All skill levels are welcome. We'll organize workshops and conferences on Vue.js for beginners to advanced developers.
Number of members: 615

34. Vue Zurich

Location: Zürich, Switzerland
Description: We are back to in person meetings! in Geneva and Zurich
Number of members: 315

35. Vue.js // Berlin

Location: Berlin, Germany
Description: Meetup for Vue.js users, fans and all who are interested in learning more about this exciting new framework.
Number of members: 2,373

36. Vue.js // Nürnberg, Fürth, Erlangen

Location: Nürnberg, Germany
Description: A group for everyone interested in Vue.js, the progressive JavaScript framework. Join us if you'd like to learn more or if you have your own Vue experience to share so the others can benefit from. You want to share your knowledge, ideas or present your project? We are actively looking for speakers and sponsors!
Number of members: 90

37. Vue.js @ Belo Horizonte

Location: Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Description: To all who already love Vue.js or who still don’t know! Let’s get together to exchange experiences, promote projects or simply chat. Telegram: Twitter:
Number of members: 894

38. Vue.js Aarhus

Location: Århus, Denmark
Description: Welcome to Vue.js Aarhus! This group is for developers who is working with Vue.js in or around Aarhus. The primary focus of this group is to plan and host Vue.js meetups in Aarhus. Facebook group:
Number of members: 272

39. Vue.js Budapest

Location: Budapest, Hungary
Description: This Meetup is for everyone interested in Vue.js, the progressive JavaScript framework. Join us if you'd like to learn more or if you have your own Vue.js experience to share so others can benefit from it.
Number of members: 631

40. Vue.js Cebu

Location: Cebu, Philippines

41. Vue.js Curitiba

Location: Curitaba, Brazil
Description: This group is for web developers interested in discussing Vue.js issues in Curitiba.

42. Vue.js CZ/SK

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Description: Come learn and chat about the progressive JS framework Vue.js and web and app development. We are preparing meetings in Prague and Brno with presentations, news from the community and examples of case studies. We are here for anyone interested in Vue.js, JavaScript and current trends in frontend development. Complete beginners are also welcome.
Number of members: 853

43. Vue.js Finland

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Description: We are actively looking for hosts, sponsors and speakers. Get in touch by sending a message!
Number of members: 267

44. Vue.js Frankfurt

Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Description: Welcome to Vue.js Frankfurt! 🎉 We hope to build a diverse and vibrant Vue community with you all and look forward to getting to know everyone! If you have any questions, ideas or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to any of the organisers!
Number of members: 441

45. Vue.js Hong Kong

Location: Hong Kong

46. Vue.js in Rio

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Description: Vue.js community discussion group in Rio de Janeiro and city.
Number of members: 716

47. Vue.js Indonesia

Location: Indonesia
Description: Vuejs ID is a community for web developers who use the Vue.js framework. Vuejs ID is a place for its members to exchange information both online and offline regarding developments and information related to Vue.js and its ecosystem.

48. Vue.js Indy

Location: Indianapolis, IN
Description: Explore and learn about the fasting growing JavaScript framework in history, Vue.JS. Sometimes we have talks, sometimes we work on projects together, sometimes we just have discussions and share. Very welcoming to beginners and those just learning Vue or even just learning JavaScript.
Number of members: 372

49. VueJS Israel

Location: Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Description: This is the official Vue.JS developers Israel community. You're welcome to add your ideas for upcoming meetups or simply to say hi 👋. And let's make Vue Israel an awesome community! The meetup page is intended for all the Vue.js developer community in Israel. Feel free to suggest your own events and topics.
Number of members: 1,361

50. Vue.js Korea

Location: South Korea

51. Vue.js LA Monthly Meetup!

Location: Santa Monica, CA
Description: Hello Los Angeles Vue.js enthusiasts! Come join the Vue.js LA Monthly Meetup! where you can learn and improve your skills as frontend developers, using this elegant framework, Vue.js. We meet monthly and are a group of web developers enthusiastic about building a Vue community right here in Los Angeles. We have speakers on various topics related to Vue, including beginner-friendly talks for those interested in learning the frontend, to advanced talks where developers can dig in deep about Vue's internals and discuss best practices. Developers of all levels of experience are welcome!
Number of members: 601

52. Vue.js Lisbon

Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Description: We're dedicated to spreading the joy that is working with Vue.js. Let's learn and share our knowledge, all are welcome to join!
Number of members: 284

53. Vue.js London Meetup

Location: London, United Kingdom
Description: London meetup for Vue.js talks - More details to come. Please register your interest.
Number of members: 1,493

54. Vue.js Lyon

Location: Lyon, France
Description: If you want to discover, learn and deepen the Vue.js framework, join us! Vue.js is an increasingly popular, progressive javascript framework focused on front-end development. Created by Evan You in February 2014, thanks to its simplicity and possibilities, it quickly caught up with market leaders such as Angular and React. Every month, we will discover a feature or novelty of vue.js then discuss around a collaborative aperitif!
Number of members: 796

55. Vue.js Meetup - Leipzig

Location: Leipzig, Germany
Description: Do you deal privately or professionally with the new, lean but powerful framework Vue.js? It doesn't matter whether you use JavaScript or TypeScript, whether you created the projects with the VueCLI or manually, whether you use a store like Vuex or not, you're in the right place in this group :).
Number of members: 270

56. Vue.js Munich

Location: München, Germany
Description: This meetup group is about people who are making cool stuff with Vue.js or looking for learning opportunities regarding this fantastic front-end framework.
Number of members: 447

57. Vue.js Nantes

Location: Nantes, France
Description: Talks and exchanges with the help of beers and pizzas, to discover or learn more about the rising framework: Vue.js!
Number of members: 451

58. Vue.js Orlando

Location: Orlando, FL
Description: We are Orlando's Meetup for all things Vue.js! We meet every month: covering tips, tricks, and news for the framework.
Number of members: 308

59. Vue.js Poland

Location: Wroclaw, Poland
Description: Meetups for the Polish community around Vue.js the JavaScript framework.
Number of members: 1,481

60. Vue.js São Paulo

Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Description: This group was created with the intention of being a meeting place for those who like Vue.js, one of the fastest growing JS frameworks in recent times.
Number of members: 3,149

61. Vue JS Singapore

Location: Singapore, Singapore
Description: This Meetup day is for all who are new to Vue.js. VueJS is simple, minimal core with an incrementally adoptable stack that can handle apps of any scale.
Number of members: 1215

62. Vue.js Slovenia

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Description: A place for everyone interested in and curious about the VueJS. Join us for a chit-chat on all things Vue-related, expand your knowledge, learn about neat tips and tricks and share your experience with the rest.
Number of members: 525

63. Vue.js Taiwan

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

64. Vue.js Tehran

Location: Tehran, Iran

65. Vue.js Thailand

Location: Thailand
Description: A group of people who love JavaScript and are interested in the hot, simple and cool Vue.js JavaScript framework. Let's come together to create a good society to share knowledge here!

66. Vue.js Vienna

Location: Vienna, Austria
Description: This is a group for anyone interested in "Vue.js - The Progressive JavaScript Framework". The goal is to provide monthly meetups where people give talks on Vue.js and related topics, and people can get together with other developers in the community.
Number of members: 983

67. Vue.sf

Location: San Francisco, CA
Description: We're a group of developers interested in Vue.js! We host talks and project nights organized around interesting topics in the world of Vue. We'd love to see you at our next meetup! We're always looking for places to host and speakers to talk — if you know someone, please let us know!
Number of members: 557

68. VueCLE

Location: Cleveland, OH
Description: VueJS is the most popular JavaScript Framework in the world (counting by the number of stars on Github). VueCLE is the only meetup group in the Cleveland area focused primarily on VueJS. JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages and is a core component of web technology. Over the years a number of frameworks have been created to help developers create applications. There are a number of really great frameworks around but one of the easiest to get up and going with is VueJS.
Number of members: 210

69. VueDC

Location: Washington, DC
Description: Calling all Vue.js fans and developers curious about it! While this group will be primarily focused on VueJS, this is an open environment where all developers can discuss concepts, best practices, or even teach new skills to fellow developers.
Number of members: 1054

70. VueJS Athens

Location: Athens, Greece
Description: Welcome to VueJS Athens! Vue.js is a progressive javascript framework for building user interfaces. Its success depends on its limited size and its gentle learning curve. Our goal is to build a community that is eager to learn more about Vue.js, understand how it works under the hood and also share knowledge. Every level of developer is welcome.
Number of members: 773

71. VueJS Barcelona

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Description: Welcome to VueJS Barcelona! If like us you are interested in learning, sharing and debating about the framework of the moment, this is your community! WHAT WILL WE DO We will meet periodically to give talks and workshops of different levels of difficulty: (S) => { Beginner } (M) => { Intermediate } (L) => { Advanced }
Number of members: 867

72. Vuejs Dakar

Location: Dakar, Senegal

73. VueJS Madrid

Location: Madrid, Spain
Description: VueJS is the JavaScript framework with the greatest projection today. It combines modern component tree architecture with responsiveness, one-way data flow, and other features that allow us to build complex front-end applications in a way that is highly focused on ease of use and productivity. If you enjoy building User Interfaces with the latest technology and want to know more about this exciting framework, this is your group!
Number of members: 2,297

74. VueJS Manchester Community

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Description: Organized and sponsored by the Moneysupermarket team in Manchester, this group will run bi-monthly events. These are tailored to welcome developers with or without experience in the stack. The format of each meetup may differ but you can expect the classic presentations, workshops, or Q&A sessions.
Number of members: 708

75. VueJS Meetup Amsterdam

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Description: Vuejs Meetup Amsterdam Netherlands is the fastest-growing group of Vuejs enthusiasts on the planet. 900 Vuejs Amsterdam Meetup members and growing. We look forward to welcoming you to Vuejs Amsterdam
Number of members: 973

76. VueJS Milano

Location: Milano, Italy
Description: Vue.js community in Milan. A group for all developers interested in Vue.js 'the progressive JavaScript framework' to get to know each other, exchange ideas and deepen the best practices.
Number of members: 214

77. VueJS Oslo

Location: Oslo, Norway
Description: Vuejs Meetup Oslo Norway is a new way and place for all Javascript and Vue.js lovers to build a small effective community. If you're using Vue or considering to use it, let's meet to share experiences, ideas, and practices. Not only VueJS developer (s) but also all Javascripters are welcome to join this meetup and share their knowledge.
Number of members: 531

78. VueJS Ouagadougou

Location: Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Description: We are a community of #vueJs developers, who share the same passion as you by organizing different activities online and in person. This is the best place to learn and have your questions answered.

79. Vuejs Paris

Location: Paris, France
Description: Vue.js community in Paris. We are actively looking for hosts, sponsors and speakers (and not just francophones, so don't be shy!).
Number of members: 2,651

80. Vuejs Vietnam

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Description: The Frontend ecosystem is a mess and we love it! If you want to learn and share about Frontend-oriented web development, you have come to the right place. Beginners, experts and hackers from Alicante and surroundings: you are welcome. The meetings will be in the form of a talk, workshop or a simple meeting to share ideas, doubts and opinions.
Number of members: 602

81. VueKC

Location: Kansas City, MO
Description: This group is a community of web-developers who focus on and have interest in the Vue.js framework. Join us as we leverage the power of community to strengthen our development skills and gain insights into best practices. We will be hosting regular presentation, discussion, and networking events.
Number of members: 146

82. Vuenos Aires

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Description: Vue.js is one of the best known and most used JavaScript frameworks, which was able to break with the polarization of Angular and React. Vuenos Aires is a meetup where we focus on learning, teaching and disseminating everything that has to do with the Vue.js ecosystem. Are you using Vue.js or at least considering it for your next project? Join this group so you can share your experiences and ideas or just to continue learning.
Number of members: 1,970

83. VueNYC

Location: New York, NY
Description: VueJS is the most popular UI framework in the world (counting by amount of stars on GitHub). VueNYC is the first meetup in New York City that focuses on VueJS and its ecosystem. Are you using Vue or considering it? Let's meet to share our experiences, ideas and practices!
Number of members: 1,599

84. Wellington.vue

Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Description: For developers who use Vue.js to share experiences and learnings.
Number of members: 119

85. Javascript and Friends

Location: Alicante, Spain
Description: The JavaScript and Friends Conference (JS&Friends) is a not-for-profit conference, organized by a team of volunteers. We are all active or aspiring software professionals, and we are excited to bring together a diverse group of JavaScript enthusiasts and friends to learn and network. With this conference, we want to contribute to the cultivation of a welcoming, inclusive, and dynamic tech scene throughout the midwestern United States, and beyond!

86. ThisDot Vue Meetup

Description: Open to the public! Speak to Vue experts and ask questions in a small, welcoming group of community members. You can ask specific use case questions or even just network and chat about tech career advice!

87. Vue.js Lima

Location: Lima, Peri

88. Bogotá Vue.js Meetup

Location: Bogotá, Colombia
Description: We will do presentations and share knowledge about Vue.js
Number of members: 339

89. Campo Grande Meetup - Brazil

Location: Brazil
Description: Group of professionals, students and Javascript enthusiasts in Mato Grosso do Sul.
Number of members: 61

90. Vue.js Norte

Location: Brazil
Description: North Brazil Vue.js Developer Community

91. Vue.js Floripa

Location: Florianopolis, Brazil
Description: Meetup in the city of Florianópolis - SC that brings together the community to discuss and present tools and ideas regarding Vue.js

92. VueJs Vix

93. VueDC

Location: Washington, DC
Description: Calling all Vue.js fans and developers curious about it! While this group will be primarily focused on VueJS, this is an open environment where all developers can discuss concepts, best practices, or even teach new skills to fellow developers.
Number of members: 1,054

94. VueSA

Location: San Antonio, TX
Description: Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework. We use Vue.js in most of our client projects, love it, and know you will too! In this group I plan to discuss a wide range of topics not just frontend application development. Join this group if you would like to understand how you leverage the Vue.js (vuejs) framework for your next project. We plan to have discussions about architecting SPAs and APIs, headless CMS technologies, automated DevOps (CI/CD) and where Vue.js fits in, deployment and hosting on Azure, and how to make sure your snazzy new SPA is lightning fast and secure.
Number of members: 1,318

95. VueVarsity

Location: Kampala, Uganda
Description: Developer initiative to extend the use vue framework to universities and developer communities in Africa

96. VueJS Kenya

Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Description: This group is for anyone interested in "vue.js - The progressive Javascript framework". We Network. Code. Vue.
Number of members: 843

97. Vue.js Nigeria

Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Description: This is a group for anyone interested in "Vue.js - The Progressive JavaScript Framework". The goal is to provide virtual meetups where people give talks on Vue.js and related topics, and people can get together with other developers in the community.
Number of members: 1,144

98. Vue.js South Africa

Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Description: Official Vue.js South Africa Community!

99. Melbourne Vue.js

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Description: Melbourne Vue.js Meetup is monthly meetup that brings together developers who want to explore Vue.js! This group is for all the Web Developers, Designers, Entrepreneurs and Learners who are keen to explore this enthralling platform. Our goal is to boost the open-source community in the Melbourne's web scene, around this Frontend technology.
Number of members: 428

100. Vue.js Beijing

Location: Beijing, China

Did we miss any?

Know of a group that we might have left off the list? Let us know! Mail us at [email protected] and we’ll update the list!

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