Building Single Page Applications

Learn how to leverage the power of the Vue.js ecosystem to build performant Single Page Applications.
Building Single Page Applications
Alex Kyriakidis
Alex Kyriakidis
Vue School Founder, Published Author, Educator
Building Single Page Applications Workshop from Vue School
LIVE Training
The Building Single Page Applications Workshop is a 5 hour live training session
5 hours intense training
Building Single Page Applications Workshop will take place on undefined
Building Single Page Applications Workshop is $ 499

One of the biggest challenges in taking Vue.js beyond the basics, is figuring out what tools and libraries are available to extend it’s core functionality and getting hands on experience using these.

In the Building Single Page Applications workshop, you will learn how to efficiently use the powerful companion Vue libraries and plugins. In addition, you will learn what a JavaScript bundle is and how you can optimize your code to improve pageload time.

By the end of the day, you'll have a solid understanding of Single Page Applications (SPAs) and you'll be able to create fully-featured Vue applications. Furthermore, you will learn how to quickly deploy your applications to the web.

Throughout the day you will practice what you learn by working on a lot of hands-on assignments with live help from expert trainers. When you are finished, you will be ready to develop Single Page Applications with Vue.js and increase the performance and developer experience in your existing projects.


  • Introduction to Single Page Applications
  • Vue Router
  • Single File Components
  • Module Bundling
  • Vite
  • Code Splitting
  • Deploying Websites

Who is this for

This workshop is ideal for developers that already have the fundamental knowledge of the Vue.js framework and are looking to start building Single Page Applications fully driven by Vue.

It's also recommended for vue developers that have built a few SPAs already and want to understand the finer details of the tools and best practices.


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