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Vue.js Components Fundamentals

#1 Build a GitHub User Profile Component

This lesson is a component exercise lesson, where we're going to use everything we've learned about Vue.js components so far.

The goal is to create a component that displays a person’s GitHub profile. Including the user's avatar, name, register date, bio, and followers.

In the exercise, we'll be using Semantic UI, we'll specifically use the card element. We've prepared a boilerplate as a starting point for the exercise.

The Github API endpoint we'll be using is: https://api.github.com/users

We encourage you to go back and rewatch videos if you're stuck, but if want to, you can peak at the solution.

Good luck and have fun!

Important Note

Since Vue.js 3 became the default you must now specify version 2 when getting Vue from a CDN.

<script src="https://unpkg.com/vue@2"></script>