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About the Vue.js Components Fundamentals course

Learn everything you need to know to get started with Vue.js components. Web components are custom developer defined HTML elements, like <p>,<body>, or <button>, that allows us to encapsulate some functionality of our applications.

Components are the puzzle pieces of a Vue.js website. Components combine blocks of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. And as a result, they allow us to easily encapsulate and reuse functionality in our applications.

After this course, you'll be familiar with:

  • The idea behind components and how Vue.js components work
  • Component's template, and multiple ways to define your template
  • Communication between components with props and custom events
  • What is the true difference between global and local component registration
  • The lifecycle hooks of a component
  • Component composition with nested components and slots
  • Component's best practices and common pitfalls

We've also prepared exercises for the course, so you can practice what you learn.

Vue.js Component Exercises:

  • Build a GitHub user profile component
  • Create a Notification Message component

You need a basic understanding of Vue.js to enjoy this course. We recommend watching Vue.js Fundamentals if you're not already familiar with Vue.js