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About the Vue.js + Firebase Realtime Database course

We've put together a course that will teach you how to use Firebase Realtime Database in your vue.js and JavaScript apps.

Realtime databases differ from traditional databases and allow us to keep all online users up to date without having to refresh the website. A realtime database opens up exciting opportunities for vue.js applications, and in this course, we will show how, by building a realtime chat room.

The Vue.js + Firebase Realtime Database course covers:

  • How to set up and connect to a new Firebase Realtime Database
  • How to read, write, update and delete data
  • What it means that Firebase Realtime Database is event-driven
  • How to update a website when changes take place
  • How to implement notifications when other users make changes

If you want to learn how you can put your new Firebase skills to use in a real-world application, you can check out The Vue.js Master Class.