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About the Static Site Generation with Nuxt.js course

Prerendering or static site generation is an invaluable technique that every front-end developer should know. Compiling your application into static HTML files is a process that improves both performance and SEO. It can also drastically reduce your hosting cost.

Nuxt.js has made it easy for us to generate static sites of both static routes and dynamic routes, even with data loaded asynchronously.

After this course, you'll be familiar with:

  • What static site generation is
  • The difference between server-Side rendering and prerendering
  • How to prerender static routes
  • How to prerender dynamic routes
  • How to cache asynchronous data when generating dynamic routes

Prerendering is not the same as server-side rendering. If you want to learn about server-side rendering and Nuxt, check out our Async Data with Nuxt.js course. If you do not have experience with Nuxt.js yet, we recommend our Nuxt.js Fundamentals course.

This course is made together with Nuxt.js core member Alexander Lichter.

⚠️ This course uses Nuxt version 2. Visit this course for our latest material on Nuxt 3.