Vue 3 New Features

Upgrade and optimize your Vue applications by leveraging the new features and changes introduced in Vue 3.
Vue 3 New Features
Alex Kyriakidis
Alex Kyriakidis
Vue School Founder, Published Author, Educator
Vue 3 New Features Workshop from Vue School
LIVE Training
The Vue 3 New Features Workshop is a 5 hour live training session
5 hours intense training
Vue 3 New Features Workshop will take place on undefined
Vue 3 New Features Workshop is $ 249
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Vue 3 was a huge milestone and came with a lot of exciting new features and changes.

The new features make it easier for Vue developers to code and produce performant applications quickly while enjoying a great development experience. Additionally, less 3rd party modules are needed as Vue 3 comes with extra functionality baked in.

There are also a few breaking changes that we need to take into account when migrating a Vue codebase.

In the Vue 3 New Features workshop, you will learn what’s changed in Vue 3, how to leverage the new features, how to work around the deprecations, and how to write less code by taking advantage of the latest functionality.

Throughout the day you will practice what you learn by working on a lot of hands-on assignments with live help from Alex. Once finished, you will know everything about the latest release. You will be able to upgrade your Vue.js 2 project to Vue.js 3 and you will know the shortcuts and the gotchas you'd typically spend days trying to figure out!


  • Intro to Vue 3
  • What is changing in the framework
  • Teleport
  • Composition API
  • Fragments
  • Suspense
  • Replacing mixins with composables
  • Filters Deprecation
  • Script setup

Who is this for

This is an intemediate workshop for Vue developers that already know Vue.js and are looking to learn what’s changed in Vue version 3. It is ideal for developers looking to optimize existing applications or prepare for building new projects with the latest features introduced in Vue 3.


  • Experience with Vue.js and the ecosystem

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