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Developers from major organisations learn Vue.js with us
Developers from trivago Learn Vue.js with Vue School
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Developers from microsoft Learn Vue.js with Vue School
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Master Vue.js and the Ecosystem

Video Lessons
Hours and increasing
Access a huge catalog of Vue.js courses to help you with anything from setting up your first Vue application to developing advanced user interfaces.
Starting with the Fundamentals of the framework we guide you from scaffolding to deploying your Nuxt.js applications.
Vuex is a state management pattern + library for Vue.js applications. Learn all the Vuex best practices with Vue School.
Testing & Jest
Ready to improve your daily life by writing better tests? We’ll teach you all the testing jargon and techniques you need to know to test your Vue apps with confidence.
GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime to execute said queries. At Vue School you will learn GraphQL and how to use it with Vue.js using Vue Apollo.
Javascript is a prerequisite in order to start learning Vue.js. We will teach you modern JavaScript, starting with ES6.

And many more

Also Included
The Vue.js 3 Masterclass

Learn Vue and the ecosystem by building a real world application from scratch.

The Course Path to Master Vue

We have created a path for you to Master Vue.js with Vue School this Summer. Get started on these courses and by time you’ve completed them you’ll be a Master in Vue.js and the ecosystem.

Vue Fundamentals

Learn the fundamental concepts and get up and running with Vue.js 3. Perfect if you haven't touched Vue before, or you're just getting started!

Component Fundamentals

Components are the puzzle pieces of a Vue.js website. Learn the fundamental and important concept of Vue.js components in this course.

Single File Components

Embrace the full power of JavaScript bundlers and Vue.js by learning how to create and manage Single File Components.

Vue Router 4 for Everyone

Learn how to build powerful Single Page Applications in Vue 3 with the Vue Router 4.

The Vue.js 3 Masterclass

Learn how to build a real-world application with Vue.js 3 in the supercharged and remastered Vue.js Masterclass.

Custom Vue Directives

Learn how to create custom Vue.js directives. Directives are special HTML attributes that allow us to do powerful DOM manipulations, like v-if, v-for and v-model.

Vue Form Validation

Learn how to validate your forms with Vue.js and Vuelidate like a pro.

Vuex for Everyone

This Vue.js course is based on the official Vuex example. We'll create a shopping cart with Vue and progressively discover and learn about Vuex features by replacing pieces of the application with mutations, getters, and actions.

And many more courses once you're an experienced Vue Developer

Vue Apollo GraphQL
Testing Vue.js Components
Nuxt.js Fundamentals
Storybook x Vue.js
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Video Courses for Everyone
Cover the most demanding aspects of Vue.js in depth & breadth.
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Acquire knowledge geared for professional apps
Dozens of in-depth courses are available right now! Designed to elevate you and your professional career. Our catalogue includes courses about Vue, Nuxt, Testing, State Management with Vuex, Advanced Form Validation, Storybook with Vue.js, i18n, a11y and more..
Additionally, we have many exciting upcoming courses in the pipeline. including the highly anticipated What’s new in Vue 3, Vue Composition API, Reusable Vue.js Component Patterns, The Vue 3 Master Class, and more..

Featured Trainers

Picture of Alex Kyriakidis
Alex Kyriakidis

Head of Training & Co-Founder at Vue School. Published Author, Consultant

Picture of Debbie O’Brien
Debbie O’Brien

Head of Learning and Developer Advocate at Nuxt.js

Picture of Filip Rakowski
Filip Rakowski

Co-founder & CTO at VueStorefront

Picture of Chris Fritz
Chris Fritz

Author of the official Vue.js guide

Picture of Roman Kuba
Roman Kuba

Engineering Manager at GitLab

Picture of Daniel Kelly
Daniel Kelly

Full Time Vue School teacher, Vue.js Expert

Picture of Bart Ledoux
Bart Ledoux

Co-Maintainer of vue-styleguidist

Picture of Lydia Hallie
Lydia Hallie

Software Engineer

Our users are saying

Although I was already using Vue.js professionally for a while, I decided to sign up with Vue School - and I am glad I did.

I had so many Aha! moments as I watched each video and I can say that my knowledge has skyrocketed from where it was before I joined Vue School.
Picture of Steve Popoola
Steve Popoola
Senior Developer, Telum Media
Before I joined Vue School, I found it hard to deeply understand Vuejs.

e.g how should I implement High Order Functions, Modularize the Vuex Store, Vuelidate features, Vue Config Webpack.

I really recommend to join Vue School.
Picture of Pyae Sone
Pyae Sone
Full Stack Developer
Finally a platform to really learn vue.js that's not only for beginners!

I love how Vue School implements ES6 in real cases and how active the Slack community is. From time to time the instructors from the CORE team answering crucial questions!
Picture of Lou Rectoret
Lou Rectoret
FE Architect, Trivago
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Should I learn Vue 2 or Vue 3?

Vue 3 was very recently released and the ecosystem of libraries and frameworks are still working on compatibility with Vue 3. This means that many tools might not be available to use in a Vue 3 project just yet.

We recommend to start learning Vue 2 until the complete ecosystem is updated to Vue 3. Vue 2 is stable and it has a big variety of courses to follow and easy to learn. Also, thousands of companies use Vue 2 in production and 99% of the things you know in Vue 2 are useful when using Vue 3.

Vue 3 does not introduce many breaking changes. It comes with some exciting new features, which you can read an overview here.

The best way to learn Vue 3 and Vue 2 is by following the Vue 3 Masterclass. We also have many other Vue 3 courses and we will release more in the next couple of weeks. If you want to learn what is new in Vue 3 we have a dedicated course just for that.

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Developers from major organisations learn Vue with Vue School
Developers from trivago Learn Vue.js with Vue School
Developers from canon Learn Vue.js with Vue School
Developers from visa Learn Vue.js with Vue School
Developers from microsoft Learn Vue.js with Vue School
Developers from gitlab Learn Vue.js with Vue School
Developers from nintendo Learn Vue.js with Vue School
Developers from takeaway Learn Vue.js with Vue School
Developers from maersk Learn Vue.js with Vue School