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Unlocking Nitro Mystery P1: Discovering the UnJS Ecosystem and Nitro

Ever wondered what secret superpowers fuel Nuxt? In this lesson, we're diving into the world of the amazing UnJS and Nitro. Get ready for:

  • Nitro Essentials: Unveiling the architecture and capabilities of this independent server-engine, the brain behind Nuxt's speed.
  • Choose your Runtime: Nitro support for other JavaScript runtimes like Bun and Deno.
  • h3 Introduction: Exploring the UnJS HTTP framework, Nitro's essential partner for handling web requests with precision.
  • Using ofetch: Harnessing the power of ofetch on Nitro to seamlessly connect with external APIs.

While this lesson is not directly tied to Nuxt Modules, this knowledge becomes your secret weapon, unlocking future challenges with clarity and ease.