Categories, Collections of Forums

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Categories, Collections of Forums

Categories, Collections of Forums

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In the previous lessons you probably thought that it wouldn’t be enough with just a way to group forums - and yes, you are right - we need categories as well. A category is a collection of forums. It is the very first node in our application structure, and it is of great organizational help!

Since we have seen how to implement this functionality, this is a great opportunity to build something on your own to practice what you’ve learned.


  • CategoryListItem will need an array of category’s forums.

  • PageCategory can use CategoryListItem.

  • Instead of re-creating the forum list items you should use the ForumList component in the CategoryListItem.

  • ForumList won’t be used outside of the Category related components. So, ForumList's template can render a list of forums without having a list title. (by now the list title is Forums)

  • Example CategoryListItem template:
<div class="forum-list">
  <h2 class="list-title">
    <router-link :to="{name: 'Category', params: {id: category['.key']}}">
      {{ }}
  <ForumList :forums="categoryForums"/>