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About the VueUse for Everyone course

VueUse is a collection of hundreds of essential Vue Composition Utilities for interacting with various browser, sensor, animation, and state apis, plus more!

In this course, we’ll sample some hand picked functions from each category to give you an idea of what’s possible with VueUse. Along the way we'll examine not only how they work but some practical applications for how you might use them. By the end of the course, hopefully we'll have equipped you with a pretty awesome tool set and wet your appetite to utilize VueUse in your own Vue.js projects.

With VueUse you can quickly implement features such as:

  • copy to clipboard
  • dark mode/light mode
  • infinite scroll
  • sprite animations
  • drawing on a canvas
  • local backups for bad connections
  • dynamic favicons and page titles
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • and so much more!

Intro to VueUse

2 lessons • 6 min


2 lessons • 13 min

Create Your Own VueUse-like Composable

3 lessons • 22 min