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About the Enhanced Routing with UnPlugin Vue Router course

In this course, learn to use the vite plugin unplugin-vue-router to provide a faster and more intuitive routing experience when developing pages in your Vue.js SPAs.

unplugin-vue-router enables file-based routing for vanilla Vue.js projects (much like Nuxt.js). This means there’s not need to manually map your Vue component files to the route they correspond too, saving time, typos, and frustration. unplugin-vue-router also makes routes type safe. This great news for TypeScript users! It means you’ll never have to guess what routes are available when using the RouterLink component, it’ll be autocompletable by your IDE, plus you’ll get great intellisense for route params, and more.

During the course, we’ll show you how to setup unplugin-vue-router in a fresh Vue project, checkout the various syntaxes for creating routes with files, and learn about a couple advanced concepts.