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About the Application Monitoring in Vue.js with Sentry course

Unfortunately, none of us has ever written a 100% perfect application at scale. With every new line of code comes new opportunities for bugs to creep in and cause unexpected behavior and poor customer experiences.

That's why Sentry exists. Sentry is the missing link that let's you peak over the shoulders of real life site visitors and get a detailed look at the real issues they're having. This is especially important with Vue.js powered Single Page Applications as all the code runs on the client side, meaning the server logs some might be used to, simply don't exist.

Don't be fooled though, application monitoring with Sentry is light years beyond server logs.

Sentry provides a wealth of data in order to help you understand the scope of your issues and the overall health of your application, as well as provides valuable information on how to remedy the issues at hand.

Features include:

  • Easy to read stack traces
  • Breadcrumbs of events
  • Seeing issues in relation to releases
  • Customizable rules for directing issues to the right team/person that can resolve it
  • Helpful charts and graphs of overall application health
  • Performance monitoring