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Reach 100's of thousands of qualified Vue developers and decision makers from all around the World.

We are Vue School, a startup founded in 2016, lead by Alex Kyriakidis and Rolf Haug

Currently we're a large team of 15 talented web developers, content creators, designers, video producers, managers, and unicorns. We teach developers Vue.js, JavaScript and other exciting technologies. All while actively making the developer ecosystem a better place.

We support the Vue.js framework and ecosystem

We are big Open Source lovers. Both in terms of our own code contributions, and on a direct financial level with monetary support to some of the industry's leading minds!

Evan You

Evan You

We are a proud Platinum Patreon Sponsor of Evan You (the creator of the Vue.js framework). Our contributions sustain and support Vue's bright future.


We sponsor conferences and meetups around the world

We sponsor and support the Vue.js community through conferences and local meetups around the world. Vue.js Amsterdam, VueConf US, Vue.js London, Vue.js road trip in Paris, Berlin, and Barcelona, to name a few.

We also support Vue.js core members, the Nuxt.js team and individual developers

Guillaume Chau

Guillaume Chau

A member of the Vue Core Team, responsible for Vue Apollo, Vue CLI/GUI and the Vue devtools.

Chris Fritz

Chris Fritz

A member of the Vue Core Team, an educator, consultant and curator of the Vue.js docs.

Sébastien Chopin

Sébastien Chopin

Author of Nuxt.js, full-stack developer and an open-source contributor.

Pooya Parsa

Pooya Parsa

A member of the Nuxt.js Core Team, community partner of Vue.js and an open-source evangelist.

Alexandre Chopin

Alexandre Chopin

A member of the Vue Core Team, a full-stack developer and an open-source contributor.

Alexander Lichter

Alexander Lichter

A member of the Vue Core Team, a full-stack developer and an open-source contributor.


There are more people who we love and support


Massive Reach

Reach over 400,000 Vue/JavaScript Developers, Company Owners, and Decision Makers across the globe

Early Adopters

Our audience is eager to learn new technologies and tools, and are continually looking to improve their workflow and skillset.

Loyal User Base

Average Vue School user spends 3:34 minutes on the website and browses 3 pages.

Top 5 Countries

The top 5 countries represented by our users are United States, China, Germany, United Kingdom and France.

Who is this for?

Advertising on Vue School is a fantastic fit for…

Companies seeking to hire new employees

Get your (in-house or remote) job listings in front of thousands of brilliant developers who chase the latest and greatest techniques when it comes to crafting awesome websites and services.

Companies that sell services and tools

Get your service or tools in front of hundreds of thousands of developers who are looking for the next thing that will improve their workflow, websites, and client work.

We are good people

Purchase Power Parity Discount

Through heavily discounted prices, we do everything in our power to make education accessible to everyone, regardless of nationality and economic status.

Student Scholarships

Today's students are tomorrow's leaders. We invest in the community and industry by providing Student Scholarships and discounted licenses to educational institutes.

Free Courses

Besides providing student scholarships and discounts to underprivileged individuals, we use our team and resources to produce courses that are 100% FREE to everyone. No strings attached.

Direct Payments to ALL Teachers

Many learning platforms do not offer direct payments to their content creators, mentors, and teachers. We pay every teacher directly.

Our goal is to be the number one source of Vue.js knowledge for all skill levels. We offer the knowledge of our industry leaders through awesome video courses for a ridiculously low price.

More than 120.000 users have already joined us. You are welcome too!

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