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The Role Of Devs In Emerging Economies

The Role Of Devs In Emerging Economies

Maria Panagiotidou
Maria Panagiotidou
June 6th 2024

The Important Role Software Developers Play in Emerging Economies

As technological developments open up a world of new opportunities for both big business and governments alike, the potential for progress and economic advancement is great. When it comes to emerging economies, however, the opportunities are even more pronounced, as these advances allow developing countries to modernize at a more rapid pace than ever before.

Of course, in order to be able to fully leverage these platforms and all they have to offer, software developers are essential. Responsible for creating and maintaining the very software systems that are essential to modern business and industry, they play a crucial role in driving innovation and economic growth.

From job creation to financial services, to communication, healthcare, and more, these highly skilled individuals are helping to bridge the digital divide and improve the lives of people in developing countries in a variety of ways.

Creating jobs

In developing countries, where rampant unemployment is an all too familiar challenge, a strong software development industry can stimulate the economy and help to create jobs.

From supporting small businesses to automate their processes and help improve efficiencies, to starting businesses of their own, software developers create new products and services, encourage entrepreneurship and drive economic growth and job creation.

By developing new software applications and platforms, they also stimulate the need to employ professionals with a wide range of skill sets that can leverage these systems and enable businesses to grow and prosper. As a result, experienced software developers, together with the necessary support staff, are always going to be in demand.

Working remotely

Increasing opportunities to work remotely for international companies have been (and will continue to be) a game changer in emerging economies. As businesses look to tap into a pool of affordable global talent, developers from emerging economies are now able to earn valuable foreign currency without having to leave their home countries. According to Go Remotely, there were a whopping 1,365,500 software developer jobs available worldwide, with demand and opportunities growing year after year. And while the US used to hold the top spot as home to 4.4 million software developers, India, an emerging market, is on track to have the biggest concentration in 2023.

Enabling entrepreneurs

Aside from directly creating jobs by acting as entrepreneurs themselves, software developers also create opportunities for entrepreneurs in emerging economies by helping them develop the innovative products and services they ideate.

By creating products that meet the needs of the local markets, developers can help companies be more competitive and efficient by creating software solutions that meet their unique requirements.

Aside from opening up new avenues of economic growth and development with their innovations, developers also enable businesses to sell their products and services online and reach new customers around the world through the use of websites and e-commerce platforms.

Improving the quality of education

From online learning platforms to educational apps and games that help to make learning more engaging and effective, software developers are often involved in redefining education and making it more accessible to students, wherever they might be in the world.

Removing barriers to entry and reliance on poorly equipped classrooms that are an unfortunate reality in developing countries, developers are effectively putting knowledge in the hands of the youth with education software that promises to improve their quality education.

On a one-on-one level, software developers are also happy to provide training and mentorship to other developers, thus empowering their colleagues and growing the developer community even further.

Providing access to information

Software developers play a key role in helping to bridge the digital divide in developing countries. By creating applications that can be used on low-cost devices such as smartphones, they help people in remote and underserved areas access information.

From educational resources, to news, and government services, communication technologies can be used to connect people and organizations across borders. More than this, however, it also enables a level of transparency and accountability that helps to reduce corruption when it comes to events such as elections or government spending, which have often been fraught with rumors of wrongdoing.

By increasing collaboration and connectivity both within and between organizations, software developers can make it easier for key stakeholders to share information and work together, transforming the level of service delivery and uplifting the standard of living for the people on the ground.

Improving infrastructure

With the development of new software applications, comes an opportunity to improve infrastructure and the efficiency of various industries such as healthcare, transportation, and education.

Promoting environmental sustainability, building smart cities that can manage natural resources and reduce waste through the use of smart technology, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), can lead to a better quality of life for citizens and attract foreign investment.

From monitoring air and water quality to creating software systems that can help healthcare professionals deliver healthcare services effectively, to optimizing the movement of goods and people through improved transport systems, software developers can have a positive impact on infrastructure.

Developing the economy

The software development industry is a significant contributor to economic growth, as it generates revenue for both local and international companies.

From promoting financial inclusion through the creation of software systems that provide financial services to people in countries where traditional banking infrastructure is lacking or underdeveloped, to the development of new and innovative applications that improve access to education, healthcare, and other important resources, software developers contribute significantly to development.

This increased efficiency and productivity attracts foreign investment, encourages entrepreneurship and leads to economic growth, which in turn creates more jobs and opportunities for people in the country.

As technology continues to advance, it’s clear that the demand for skilled software engineers will only increase as more countries strive to enable economic growth through innovative digital and software solutions. That’s why, in an effort to enable and support this growth, Vue School has worked with industry experts, developers and instructors to make hundreds of lessons, courses, workshops, events and tutorials available to developers around the world, for free.

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Maria Panagiotidou
Maria Panagiotidou
Maria is the Product Director at Vue School. She is passionate about the Vue.js & Vue School community. 🙌

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