The Vue 3 Master Class

Learn by building a real-world application from scratch using the Options API!

🚧 PLEASE NOTE: This masterclass is built with the Options API


The Composition API Masterclass is coming soon!

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You want to use Vue.js efficiently to build a modern web application that you can profit from.

But how do you do that?

Vue is easy to learn and start using. So you read around the guide, get a book, and watch a course or two and still you need to invest time putting together the pieces needed to develop a complete Single Page Application that scales.

That’s why the Vue School team devoted years creating the most comprehensive Vue course, where we build together a real-world application, that’s optimized for performance and SEO, and covers all the essential topics for building a modern web application.

Using what you learn in the Vue 3 Master Class you’ll be able to develop any sorts of Vue applications. Your personal website, e-commerce, a SAAS for horse breeders - you name it! Read More

What you'll learn!

The goal of the Master Class is to teach you Vue.js along with Best Practices, Modern Javascript, and other exciting technologies, by building a forum.


We cover the essentials, like:

  • Vue cli, Vue Router and Single File Components
  • Modern Javascript (ES6/7/8)
  • User permissions & protected routes
  • Third Party Authentication
  • Consuming a REST API
  • Google Cloud Firestore
  • Automatic code review with ESLint

We also dive into harder topics, like:

  • State management with Vuex
  • User Permissions & Route Guards
  • Deployments
  • Creating Vue Plugins
  • Code Splitting
  • SEO
  • Application Best Practices
By completing the Vue.js Master Class, you will be able to land any Vue related job or optimize/improve your own projects!
Picture of Chris Fritz
Chris Fritz
Author of the Vue.js Docs
Even if you've read through every word of the Vue docs, there's no substitute for real experience building an app, making decisions, weighing pros and cons, and refactoring as requirements change. Courses like this give you a head start, helping you avoid some of the most common mistakes!

Who is this for?

Existing Vue Developers that have already used Vue.js in a few projects and want to learn how to build full-blown Vue.js applications while implementing best practices and avoiding gotchas for speed, maintainability, and scale.
Other Developers that want to get right into creating Vue.js applications and learn the ins-and-outs of the framework along with the ecosystem of library and plugins.
Students Students that want to kickstart their development journey by learning production-grade Vue.js. In 2021, Vue is the easiest framework to learn and can be a great opportunity to land a developer job soon or create a startup.
Developer Teams that want to bring everyone up to speed with Vue development practices and take advantage of the latest version of the framework and the JavaScript ecosystem. Also great for onboarding new members.


You should be familiar with JavaScript, basic ES6 like arrow functions and import statements, and have fundamental knowledge of Vue.js.

If you are just starting out with Vue.js, we suggest that you watch our free course Vue.js Fundamentals and browse around our other beginner courses before diving into the Vue Master Class. If you are looking to brush up your ES6 skills, watch our course Modern JavaScript: ES6 and beyond.

Meet Your Trainers

Picture of Alex Kyriakidis

Alex Kyriakidis

Alex Kyriakidis is an IT Consultant, Public Speaker, and Educator based in Amsterdam. He is the author of the first Vue.js book, called ‘The Majesty of Vue.js’ published in 2016.

Alex is the founder of Vue School and has presented Vue topics to many conferences around the world. He has also trained many developer teams via in-house and online workshops
Picture of Daniel Kelly

Daniel Kelly

Daniel is the lead instructor and content creator at Vue School with over 10 years of development experience on both the frontend and the backend.

He's worked with technologies like Vue, Laravel, Nuxt, WordPress and more, to create projects ranging from small freelance websites to enterprise-level applications core to successful business in B2B markets.
Picture of Rolf Haug

Rolf Haug

Rolf teaches people about Vue.js and web development through Vue School, talks, and workshops around the world.

He co-founded Vue School and is passionate about testing, performance, architecture, and the business aspects of web development.

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What will you learn in the Master Class?

You’ll learn Vue.js 3 and the complete ecosystem by building a real-world application from scratch. The goal of the Master Class is to teach you Vue.js along with Best Practices, Modern Javascript, and other exciting technologies, by building a forum.

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