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Join our partner program and create your own recurring revenue stream.

How it works



Vue School’s affiliate program. It’s fast, easy and free.



Promote our courses and service on your network, such as blog, website.



Earn up to 40% commission on those who subscribe from your traffic.

Calculate your revenue

Get monthly payouts based on sales from your referral traffic. Recurring for as long as your users remain on Vue School!

Monthly visitors
Convertion rate

Estimated earnings

per month

The estimations refer to the recurring revenue reached after 4 months based on the performance of our highest performing affiliates. These should be seen as indications.

Recurring commission

Your own recurring revenue stream

Turn the traffic from your website/service/blog/social media into a passive income powerhouse!

With Vue School’s unique recurring affiliate program, you will get a commission every time the subscription renews - for as long as the customer remains active.

Stay up to date

Track your revenue stream and perfomance in the dashboard

Keep track of every $ you earn in our beautiful, hand-crafted affiliate dashboard.

Built from scratch by our in-house team, this dashboard gives you the freedom to learn what works and what doesn’t when it comes to promoting our courses and services - thus maximizing your commissions earned.

Subscription service

Kinda' like your own subscription service

Ever wanted to create your own subscription service?

We like to think of our affiliate program as an opportunity for you to create your own "Vue School" or subscription service.

Bring the users, and we'll provide the product and take care of the rest!

Profit from our experience by offering your visitors an incredible digital product that currently helps over 53,000 developers improve their skills in Vue and Javascript development!

Why partner with us?

Subscription service

New lessons every week

Weekly curriculum additions and reasonable plan prices increase the MRR - and your earnings!

More than 50.000 developers from around the world have chosen Vue School already.

Industry experts

Quality learning resources

Vue School offers courses created and curated by core team members and industry leaders.

We make it easy to stay up to date with the latest techniques and best practices in the fast-paced tech scene.

Proven success

Happy affiliate partners

Statistics and satisfied partners confirm that the Vue School affiliate is performing better than traditional ad services.

It doesn't matter if you have a small blog or a huge network. The recurring commission model will boost your earnings!

Do you have any questions?

What does it mean that the commission is recurring?

Recurring means repeating income indefinitely, for as long as your users stay with us!
Basically meaning we grow together, as partners in the business of education and training! 🤓

How often will I get paid?


Do you offer promotional help and resources?


Our goal is to be the number one source of Vue.js knowledge for all skill levels. We offer the knowledge of our industry leaders through awesome video courses for a ridiculously low price.

More than 120.000 users have already joined us. You are welcome too!

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