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Built from scratch, focused on coding a real world app using the most up-to-date technologies in the Vue.js ecosystem like the Composition API, Pinia, and more.
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23 April 2024
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4-7 June 2024
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Learn Vue.js holistically: In order to become a Vue.js pro you will learn about surrounding technologies for great synergy effects: Node.js, Firebase, Electron and many more!

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— Lou Rectoret, FE Architect at Insylo

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Profile image of Alex Kyriakidis, our Vue.js Teacher

Alex Kyriakidis

Head of Training & Co-Founder at Vue School. Published Author, Consultant

Profile image of Debbie O’Brien, our Vue.js Teacher

Debbie O’Brien

Head Developer Advocate at bitdev. Ex Head of Learning and Developer Advocate at Nuxt.js

Profile image of Filip Rakowski, our Vue.js Teacher

Filip Rakowski

Co-founder & CTO at VueStorefront, Creator of StorefrontUI, Vue School Writer

Profile image of Chris Fritz, our Vue.js Teacher

Chris Fritz

Educator & Author of the official Vue.js guide

Profile image of Roman Kuba, our Vue.js Teacher

Roman Kuba

Engineering Manager at GitLab, Testing Expert

Profile image of Daniel Kelly, our Vue.js Teacher

Daniel Kelly

Full Time Vue School teacher, Vue.js Expert

Profile image of Bart Ledoux, our Vue.js Teacher

Bart Ledoux

Co-Maintainer of vue-styleguidist

Profile image of Lydia Hallie, our Vue.js Teacher

Lydia Hallie

Software Engineer, Consultant, Web Instructor

Profile image of Mostafa Said, our Vue.js Teacher

Mostafa Said

Full time Instructor at VueSchool, full stack developer and technical writer.

Profile image of Anthony Fu, our Vue.js Teacher

Anthony Fu

Vue.js, Nuxt.js and Vite.js Core team member, Creator of Vitest

Profile picture of Evan You
Evan You Creator of Vue.js

Thanks to fine people like you, Vue School can proudly sponsor Evan and the future of Vue.js by being a Platinum Patreon.

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