How to Create an Animated Sprite with VueUse

VueUse is a popular Vue.js library of composables and utility functions that makes interacting with native browser features more intuitive in the context of a Vue.js project. Vue School has an in-depth course on VueUse, called VueUse For Everyone, that gives you hands on experience using a number of those functions. In this article though, […]

Why Use TypeScript with Vue.js?

Vue.js is a notoriously flexible framework with applications ranging from progressively enhancing static pages to building full on single page applications. Likewise, Vue also provides the flexibility of developing in either plain ol’ JavaScript or in it’s more strict type-safe counterpart, TypeScript. That begs the question, should you be using TypeScript in your Vue.js powered […]

Composing Layouts with Vue Router

Vue Router is the de facto standard for creating routes in Vue.js SPA’s. Did you know though, that besides using it to map routes to page components, you can also use it to compose page layouts? That’s an interesting proposal. Let’s see how it’s done. Let’s say we’re building a blog where there’s the potential […]

Vue.js Script Setup in Less than 5 Minutes

The Vue.js Composition API is a handy tool for creating reusable, stateful code across multiple components. However, it’s not just for creating reusable composables. The longer the API has been around, the more people are using it, even as their default style for all components. Considering the workflow, it really makes a lot of sense. […]

Introduction to Vite for Vue Developers

Vite is a modern, lean, and lightning fast development tool made with the developer experience as top priority. Also, according to Evan You, the official recommendation for Vue 3 tooling will be switching from Vue CLI to Vite (reference One Year Into Vue 3 Talk [9:00 – 10:20]) meaning in 2022 Vue CLI will be […]

What is a Vue.js Composable?

Vue 3 introduced the Composition API, which has since taken the community by storm. In my opinion, the single best feature of the Composition API is the ability to extract reactive state and functionality into their own reusable modules or "composables".